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Rf Remote Control Function - Kenwood VR-509 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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RF remote control function

The remote control has the RF remote function in addition to the IR remote
function. The VR-509 can receive the remote control commands even when
they are installed in a position where the IR remote signal can hardly access,
for example inside a cabinet. The receiver is not equipped with the RF
remote bi-directional communication function. The bi-directional commu-
nication is available only using the IR remote function.
Changing the RF transmission frequency
The RF remote function may be unavailable due to radio wave cross talk,
etc. In this case, the transmission frequency can be changed.
To change the RF remote transmission frequency:
1 Open the battery cover on the rear.
2 Change the RF switch setting.
After changing the RF frequency of remote control, be also sure to
change that of the receiver.
3 Change the receiver's RF reception frequency.
• Press and hold the SET UP key on the front panel of the receiver for
more than 2 seconds.
Each time you press the SET UP key, the RF reception frequency
changes as follows:
1 "RF BAND 1"
2 "RF BAND 2"
3 "RF OFF"
• Select the same number as the position number of the RF switch of
the remote control.
Loading the batteries
1 Remove the cover.
3 Close the cover.
• Insert four R6/AA-size alkaline batteries as indicated by the polarity
2 Insert the batteries.
Remote control operation
When the STANDBY indicator is lit, the power turns ON when you press
key on the remote control. When the power
comes ON, press the key you want to operate.
Operating receiver range (RF Transmitter)
RF Remote antenna
10 m
RF Transmitter
Operating other component range (IR Transmitter)
• The remote control signal received by the main unit are IR and RF
• When pressing more than one remote control key successively, press
the keys securely by leaving an interval of 1 second or more between
1. The supplied batteries may have shorter lives than ordinary batteries due
to use during operation checks.
2. When the remote-controllable distance gets shorter than before, replace
all batteries with a new ones.
3. Placing the remote sensor in direct sunlight, or in direct light from a high
frequency flourescent lamp may cause a malfunction.
In such a case, change the location of the system installation to prevent
Setting up the system
6 m
IR Transmitter


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