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System Connection; Connection Of The System Accessories - Kenwood HM-335 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-335
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System connection

Connection of the System Accessories

This figure shows the method of connection between the main unit and provided accessories.
Note on Connection
Connect the components as shown in the diagram.
Only plug the power cord into a power outlet once
connections are completed.
The magnet in the speaker may cause color irregu-
larity to the TV or PC monitor. Place the speaker
farther away from the TV set or PC monitor.
Be sure to adhere to the following, or proper ventila-
tion will be blocked causing damage or fire hazard.
÷ Do not place any objects impairing heat radiation
onto the top of the unit.
÷ Leave some space around the unit (from the largest
outside dimension including projection) equal to or
greater than, shown below.
Top panel : 50 cm
Back panel : 10 cm
÷ Never short-circuit the "+" and "–" speaker cords.
÷ If the "+" and "–" polarity are inverted, the sound will be unnatural with unclear positioning of musical instru-
ments, etc.
÷ Be sure to insert all connection cords securely. If their connections are imperfect, the sound may not be
produced or noise may interfere.
÷ Before plugging or unplugging a connection cord, be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet. If
connection cords are plugged or unplugged with the power cord left plugged in, malfunction or damage may result.
AM loop antenna
The supplied antenna is for indoor use. Place it as
far as possible from the main system, TV set,
speaker cords and power cord, and set it to a direc-
tion which provides the best reception.
System connection
AM loop antenna
Speaker (Right)

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