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Kenwood HM-335 Instruction Manual page 44

Kenwood instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-335
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Disc handling precautions
Hold the disc so that you do not touch the
playing surface.
Label side
Playing side
Do not attach paper or tape to either the
playing side or the label side of the disc.
Sticky paste
If there are fingerprint marks or foreign
matter found on the disc, lightly wipe the
disc with a soft cotton cloth (or similar)
from the center of the disc outwards in a
radial manner.
When a disc is not to be played for a long period of time,
remove it from the player and store it in its case.
Notes on cassette tape
Safety tab (accidental erasure prevention tab)
After an important recording has finished, break the
safety tab, to prevent the recorded contents from being
erased or recorded on accidentally.
For B side
To re-record
Apply tape only to the position where the tab
has been removed.
To store cassette tapes
Do not store tapes in places which are subjected to di-
rect sunlight, or near equipment that generates heat.
Keep the cassette tapes away from any magnetic field.
In most cases it is an infringement of copyright to make copies of tapes or discs without the permission
of the copyright owners. Anyone wishing to copy commercially available tapes or disc should contact
the mechanical copyright protection society limited or the performing rights society limited.
For A side
Never play a cracked or warped disc
During playback, the disc rotates at high speed in the
player. Therefore, to avoid danger, never use a cracked or
deformed disc or a disc repaired with tape or adhesive
agent. Please do not use discs which are not round be-
cause they may cause malfunction.
Discs which can be played with this unit
CD (12 cm, 8 cm), CD-R, CD-RW, and the audio part of
CDV, CD-G, CD-EG and CD-EXTRA. Use discs that comply
with the IEC standard, for example a disc carrying the
marking on the label surface.
Disc accessories
The disc accessories (stabilizer, protection sheet, protec-
tion ring, etc.) which are marketed for improving the sound
quality or protecting discs as well as the disc cleaner
should not be used with this system because they may
cause malfunction.
When there is slack in the tape
In such a case, insert a pencil into the reel hole and
wind the reel hub to remove the slack.
¶ Do not use an endless tape, as this could damage
the mechanism of the unit.
Do not use a cassette with more than 90-minute
recording time, for the tape used in such a cas-
sette is very thin and tends to cause problem
such as entanglement around the pinch roller or
could be easily cut off.
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