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Preparing The Remote Control - Kenwood KRF-V4550D Instruction Manual

Kenwood stereo receiver user manual
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Speaker placement
Center speaker
Front speakers : Place to the front left and right of the listening
position. Front speakers are required for all surround modes.
Center speaker : Place front and center. This speaker stabilizes the
sound image and helps recreate sound motion. Be sure to connect a
center speaker when using the Dolby 3 Stereo mode.
Surround speakers : Place to the direct left and right, or slightly
behind, the listening position at even heights, approximately 1 meter
above the ears of the listeners. These speakers recreate sound
motion and atmosphere. Required for surround playback.
Subwoofer : Reproduces powerful deep bass sounds.
• Although the ideal surround system consists of all the speakers
listed above, if you don't have a center speaker or a subwoofer, you
can divide those signals between the available speakers in the
speaker settings steps to obtain the best possible surround repro-
duction from the speakers you have available.

Preparing the remote control

Loading the batteries
1 Remove the cover.
3 Close the cover.
• Insert two AA-size (R6) batteries as indicated by the polarity mark-
When the STANDBY indicator is lit, the power turns ON when you
press the POWER key on the remote control. When the power comes
ON, press the key you want to operate.
Operating range
6 m
• When pressing more than one remote control key successively,
press the keys securely by leaving an interval of 1 second or more
between keys.
1. The supplied batteries may have shorter lives than ordinary batteries
due to use during operation checks.
2. When the remote-controllable distance gets shorter than before,
replace both batteries with new ones.
3. Placing the remote sensor in direct sunlight, or in direct light from a
high frequency fluorescent lamp may cause a malfunction.
In such a case, change the location of the system installation to
prevent malfunction.
Setting up the system
2 Insert the batteries.
Remote sensor
Infrared ray system

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