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Installation Procedure - Kenwood KAC-PS650D Instruction Manual

5-channel power amplifier
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■ Installation procedure

Since there are large variety of settings and connections possible according to applications, read
the instruction manual well to select the proper setting and connection.
1. Remove the ignition key and disconnect the negative - terminal of the battery to prevent short
2. Set the unit according to the intended usage.
3. Connect the input and output wires of the units.
4. Connect the speaker wires.
5. Connect the power wire, power control wire and grounding wire following this order.
6. Install the unit in the car.
7. Connect the negative - terminal of the battery.
• If sound is not output normally, immediately turn power off and check connections.
• Be sure to turn the power off before changing the setting of any switch.
• If the fuse blows, check wires for shorts, then replace the fuse with one of the same rating.
• Check that no unconnected wires or connectors are touching the car body. Do not remove caps
from unconnected wires or connectors to prevent short circuits.
• Connect the speaker wires to appropriate speaker connectors separately. Sharing the negative
wire of the speaker or grounding speaker wires to the metal body of the car can cause this unit
to fail.
• After installation, check that the brake lamps, winkers, and wipers work properly.

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