Replacement Of Parts - DeVilbiss FLG-G5 Operation Manual

Transtech gravity spray gun
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Nozzle (3) and needle (16) – Remove parts in the following order: 18, 17, 16, 1, 2 and 3. Check
condition of nozzle seal (4) and replace if necessary. Replace any worn or damaged parts and
re-assemble in reverse order. Recommended tightening torque for nozzle (3) 16-20 Nm (150-
180 lbf in).
Packing – Remove parts 18, 17, 16. Unscrew packing nut (7). Remove packing (6). Fit new
packing (6) and nut (7). Re-assemble parts 16, 17, and 18 and tighten packing nut (7) with
spanner sufficient to seal but to allow free movement of needle. Lubricate with gun oil.
Air-valve Seal Kit K-5040
Remove adjusting knob (18), spring (17), and needle (16).
Loosen housing (15).
Remove housing (15) and air-valve spring (14).
Remove spindle (13).
Using service tool (32), engage groove behind the valve seat (12) and remove valve seat.
Push out the front air-valve seal (11).
Turn the gun upside down and let the seal fall out.
Fit new front seal (11) to service tool.
Fit new seal to gun body and press firmly to ensure seal is engaged.
10. Fit new valve seat (12) to service tool and fit valve seat into gun body.
11. Remove rear sir-valve seal (11) from housing (15) with a hooked instrument.
12. Fit new seal to service tool and fit deal to housing (15).
13. Replace spindle (13).
14. Replace valve spring (14), screw in housing (15) and tighten.
15. Screw reverse end of service tool into housing until fully engaged. Tighten by hand to seat
the valve seat. Remove tool.
16. Fit needle (16), spring (17) and knob (18).
17. Adjust needle packing (7) with spanner sufficient to seal but to allow free movement of
needle. Lubricate with gun oil.
Spreader valve (10) – Caution: always ensure that the valve is in the fully open position by
turning screw fully counter-clockwise before fitting to body.
Refer to coating material manufacturers recommendations or Finishing Brands UK Limited
Cleaning brush – order 4900-5-1-K3
Pressure gauge attachment – order HAV-501
Digital pressure gauge – DGIPRO-502-BAR
Lubricant – order GL-1-K10
Spray gun cleaning kit – KK-4584
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Replacement of Parts

Air cap / Nozzle selection

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