Installation; Operation; Preventative Maintenance - DeVilbiss FLG-G5 Operation Manual

Transtech gravity spray gun
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Important: To ensure that this equipment reaches you in first class condition, protective coatings
have been used. Flush the equipment through with a suitable solvent before use.
1. Attach air hose to connector (19). Recommended hose size 8 mm bore. The hose must be
conductive and electrical bond from the spray gun to earth should be checked with an
ohmmeter. A resistance of less than 10
2. Air supply should be filtered and regulated.
1. Mix coating material to manufacturers instructions.
2. Turn needle adjusting screw (18) counter-clockwise until first thread shows.
3. Turn pattern valve (10) counter-clockwise to fully open.
4. Adjust inlet air pressure to give 2.4 bar (35 psi) at the gun inlet with the gun triggered. (pressure
gauge attachment shown under Accessories is recommended for this).
5. Test spray. If the finish is too dry, reduce air flow by reducing inlet pressure. If finish is too wet,
reduce fluid flow by turning needle screw (18) clockwise. If atomisation is too coarse, increase
inlet air pressure. If too fine, reduce inlet pressure.
6. The pattern size can be reduced by adjusting valve (10).
7. Hold gun perpendicular to surface being sprayed. Arcing or tilting may result in uneven coating.
8. The recommended spray distance is 150-200 mm (6"-8").
9. Spray edges first. Overlap each stroke a minimum of 50%. Move gun at a constant speed.
10. Always turn off air supply and relieve pressure when gun is not in use.
1. Turn off air supply and relieve pressure in the airline or, if using QD system, disconnect from
2. Empty coating material into a suitable container and clean the gun and cup, preferably in a gun
wash machine.
3. IMPORTANT– the cup must not be cleaned or rubbed with a dry cloth or paper. It is
possible to generate a static charge by rubbing which, if discharged to an earthed object,
could create an incendive spark and cause solvent vapours to ignite. Only use a
dampened cloth or antistatic wipes if additional cleaning is required within a hazardous
4. Remove air cap (2) and clean. If any of the holes in the cap are blocked with coating material,
only use the cleaning kit KK-4584 which has the correct tools for this (see Accessories) or, a
toothpick to clean. Using any other tool could damage the cap and produce distorted spray
5. Ensure the tip of the nozzle is clean and free from damage. Build-up of dried paint can distort the
spray pattern.
6. Lubrication – Trigger stud (24), needle (16) and air-valve spindle (13) should be oiled each day.


Ω is recommended.


Preventative Maintenance

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