Safety Warnings - DeVilbiss FLG-G5 Operation Manual

Transtech gravity spray gun
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Solvents and coating materials can be highly flammable or combustible when sprayed.
ALWAYS refer to the coating material supplier's instructions and COSHH sheets
before using this equipment.
Users must comply with all local and national codes of practice and insurance company
requirements governing ventilation, fire precautions, operation and house-keeping of
working areas.
This equipment, as supplied, is NOT suitable for use with Halogenated
Static electricity can be generated by fluid and/or air passing through hoses, by the
spraying process and by cleaning non-conductive parts with cloths. To prevent ignition
sources from static discharges, earth continuity must be maintained to the spray gun
and other metallic equipment used. It is essential to use conductive air and/or fluid
Toxic vapours – When sprayed, certain materials may be poisonous, create irritation or
are otherwise harmful to health. Always read all labels, safety data and follow any
recommendations sheets for the material before spraying. If in doubt, contact your
material supplier.
The use of respiratory protective equipment is recommended at all times. The type of
equipment must be compatible with the material being sprayed.
Always wear eye protection when spraying or cleaning the spray gun.
Gloves must be worn when spraying or cleaning the equipment.
Training – Personnel should be given adequate training in the safe use of spraying equipment.
Never aim a spray gun at any part of the body.
Never exceed the max.recommended safe working pressure for the equipment.
The fitting of non-recommended or non-original spares may create hazards.
Before cleaning or maintenance, all pressure must be isolated and relieved from the equipment.
The product should be cleaned using a gun-washing machine. However, this equipment should
not be left inside gun-washing machines for prolonged periods of time.
The A-weighted sound level of spray guns may exceed 85 dB (A) depending on the set-
up being used. Details of actual noise levels are available on request. It is
recommended that ear protection is worn at all times when spraying.
Spray equipment using high pressures may be subject to recoil forces. Under certain
circumstances, such forces could result in repetitive strain injury to the operator.
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