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Using The Wok Stand - Electrolux E36GC75DSS Use & Care Manual

Gas cooktop
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The Wok Stand provided with your cooktop is designed to allow round-bottomed woks to be
used. It is recommended that you use a 14 inch diameter (35.5 cm) or less Wok. It is
recommended that you use the right front POWER burner with the wok stand for best
performance. If properly positioned, the Wok Stand will not slide off the grate.
Always use potholders to remove the wok stand from the grate. Allow the wok stand to cool before
removing. Do not set hot wok stand on surfaces that cannot withstand high heat; such as countertops.
Be sure the Wok Stand is positioned correctly and stable before use to prevent hot spills and
possible burns.
To Properly Position the Wok Stand:
With the grate in position over the burner, set the Wok Stand on top of the
grate positioning the notches in the Wok Stand over the cooktop grate fingers
(See Figure 1).
The Wok cooking performance is best on the right front POWER burner position.
Be sure to ALWAYS use the Wok Stand if the stability of the wok is uncertain.
If cooking large amounts of liquid food without the Wok Stand, the wok may
tip and spill over causing burns.
Flat-bottom woks with large flat
bottoms may also be used on your
cooktop Surface Burner Grates
without the Wok Stand (See Figure
2). Insure the stability of the flat-
bottom wok before cooking without
the Wok Stand. If unstable, DO
NOT use the flat-bottom wok
without the Wok Stand.
Round-bottom woks (with a
support ring) should NOT be used
(See Figure 3). The supporting ring
was not designed for proper or
stable use on the Surface Burner
Surface Cooking
Proper use of flat-bottom wok
on Surface Burner Grate
Figure 2
Figure 1
Improper use of round-bottom wok
on Surface Burner Grate
Figure 3