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Chapter 1 : Setting Up Your New Cd Changer - Kenwood CD-4900M Instruction Manual

Multiple compact disc player
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Chapter 1 : Setting Up Your New CD Changer

Welcome to the Kenwood CD-4900M/DPF-J9030 Instruction manual.
The Instruction manual contains all the information you need to know to set up and operate your new CD changer safely and enjoy-
This chapter guides you through the connection and setup of your new CD changer and its remote.
Refer to the following pages for details on these issues :
÷ Connecting to a Receiver or Amplifier
÷ System Control Chaining
÷ Setting Up the 10-Key Remote and Keyboard
Your CD changer includes a standard remote and a remote keyboard (for easier text entry). You can use
either device to control the changer. For the sake of simplicity, this manual provides standard remote
instructions for all functions except text entry.
Before You Begin
Be sure to read the notes on this page before you begin setting up the changer.
1. All cables (except the digital optical cable) should have been supplied with your new CD changer.
see "Unpacking"
If you need to purchase additional or replacement cables, visit any home electronics store or the Kenwood USA Web site at You can also call 1-800-KENWOOD. (For USA and Canada only)
2. Do not plug in the CD changer's power cord until you have finished making connections to your receiver or amplifier.
3. If you exposed your changer to a great difference in temperature (for example, if you purchased it in winter from a store with
an unheated warehouse) or if the humidity in the room changes, condensation may form inside the unit. If this occurs, connect
the unit, turn it on, and leave it on but unused for a few hours. This will evaporate the condensation and return your changer to
working order. Restart the changer before using it again.
4. Clean your CD changer with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid solvents of any kind, as they may damage the cabinet components.
5. Do not use CD accessories such as protection sheets or disc cleaners with your new CD changer.
6. Kenwood recommends having your CD changer's precision optical pickup inspected periodically. Depending on the operation
environment (humidity, dust, smoke, etc.), this pickup should operate approximately 1,000 hours before requiring inspection. To
schedule inspection, consult the store where you purchased the changer or visit the Kenwood USA Web site's Support area.
7. Only player A supports DTS playback.
8. Be sure to locate your changer on a level and stationary surface, or it will not be able to play discs properly.
9. Your CD changer continues to store the following information for at least 3 weeks after you unplug its power cord:
÷ Power status (on or off)
÷ Disc and track names
÷ Music Type assignments
÷ User File assignments
÷ Best Selection assignments
÷ DTS assignments
After that you must reset this information according to the instructions in this manual.
10. Once you have set up the changer and loaded discs, you should not move it without doing the following:
(1) Remove all the discs from the unit and close the disc door.
(2) Look at the display(s). "NO DISC" should appear steadily (i.e., it should not be flashing).
(3) Turn off the CD changer.
(4) A few seconds after the display appears, disconnect the CD changer from the receiver and unplug the CD changer from the
wall outlet or power strip.
Connecting to a Receiver or Amplifier


Table of Contents

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