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Chapter 3 : Loading And Playing Discs - Kenwood CD-4900M Instruction Manual

Multiple compact disc player
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Chapter 3 : Loading and Playing Discs

Your new CD changer contains a disc carousel that can store and play up to 200 discs using any
of the following methods :
÷ Normal Play, where you play each disc in the order loaded
Normal play (TRACK mode), where the CD changer acts like a regular CD player, playing the next disc in the queue from start
to finish, then stopping.
See "Normal play (TRACK mode)"
÷ Repeat Play, which plays the tracks or discs over and over
Repeat mode where the CD changer plays a particular disc or set of tracks over and over.
See "Repeated playback (REPEAT mode)"
÷ Random Play, which plays the tracks on the loaded CDs in random order
Random mode where the CD changer plays all tracks on all discs loaded in the carousel in random order, without repeating any
See "Playback in a random order (RANDOM mode)"
÷ Programmed play order
See "Programming tracks in desired order (PGM mode)"
÷ Continuous Play, which lets your CD changer function as your own personal jukebox, providing continuous
music — a CD plays on one player while the next CD is queuing up on the other
Continuous mode where the CD changer uses both players to provide seamless continuous audio—while a disc plays on one
player, another is queued on the second player.
See "Continuous playback"
÷ Timed Play, where you use an optional audio timer to automatically begin playing all CDs or only specified
See "Timer operation"
÷ Internal processing that recognizes and stores disc data such as DTS registration
See "Registration of DTS discs"
Your CD changer includes a standard remote and a remote keyboard (for easier text entry).
You can use either device to control the changer. For the sake of simplicity, this manual provides stan-
dard remote instructions for all functions except text entry.
The keyboard enables you to operate either player. To operate player A, press the keyboard buttons as
normal. To operate player B, hold down ROOM B button while pressing the appropriate keyboard but-


Table of Contents

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