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Safety Precautions - Kenwood C929 Instruction Manual

Kenwood ompact disc auto changer instruction manual c929
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Safety precautions

Take the following precautions to prevent fire
and avoid personal injury :
• Check that no metal objects (coins, tools, etc.)
are left inside the unit to avoid short circuits.
• If you smell or see smoke, turn the power off
immediately and consult your Kenwood dealer.
Take the following precautions to keep the unit
in proper working order.
• Do not open the top or bottom cover.
• Do not install the unit in places it is exposed to
direct sunlight, high heat or humidity, water may
splash over it, or dust exists.
• Do not install the unit at a dusty place. If the unit
is installed at a dusty place, dust accumulates
inside the unit and unit may be damaged.
• When drilling a hole in the car to fix the
brackets, make sure not to damage the fuel
tank, brake tube, wiring harnesses, etc. on the
other side.
• If the unit is installed near speakers, the
speakers vibration may causes a sound skip.
Install the unit as far away as possible from the
• If you have difficulty in installing this unit in your
vehicle, contact your Kenwood dealer.
• If it doesn't seem to be working properly, first
press the Reset button. If the malfunction
persists, consult your Kenwood dealer.
• This unit is NOT designed to be connected
directly to control units that are manufactured
and sold before 1994. If used with such units, an
optional CA-SD200 (sold separately) must be
• The disc name preset function can register
names of up to 100 discs using up to 12
characters for each disc name.
The availability of this function as well as the
number of discs which can be registered using
this function and the number of usable
characters may be variable depending on the
control unit in use.
Do Not Use Special Shape CDs
• Be sure to use round shape CDs only for this
unit and do not use any special shape CDs. Use
of special shape CDs may cause the unit to
• Be sure to use CDs with disc mark
only for this unit.
• CD-Rs and CD-RWs which have not undergone
finalization processing cannot be played. (For
more information on finalization processing, refer
to the manual for your CD-R/CD-RW writing
software or CD-R/CD-RW recorder.) Additionally,
depending on the recording status, it may prove
impossible to play certain CDs recorded on CD-R
or CD-RW.
Do Not Use CDs with Sticker on the
Labeled Side
• Do not use the CD with the label sticker stuck
on it.
Using such a CD may cause the CD to be
deformed and the sticker to peel off, resulting in
malfunction of the unit.
Cleaning the unit
• If the front panel is dirty, wipe it clean with a
silicon cloth or soft dry cloth with the power off.
Do not use hard cloths or paint thinner, alcohol,
or other volatile solvents. These may damage
external surfaces or remove indicator characters.
Lens fogging
• In cold climates, there may be a period after you
turn on your vehicle's heater when the lens that
guides the laser beam used in your CD player
fogs up. If this happens, you cannot play
compact discs. Take out discs and the fogging
will disappear. If it does not return to normal
after several hours, contact your Kenwood
Heat protection
• In warm climates, when vehicles are left
standing in direct sunlight with the windows
closed, the temperature inside can rise above
60°C. The unit's protection circuits will then
display the message "HOLD" and prevent the
player from operating. Just open the windows
or turn on the air conditioning. As soon as the
"HOLD" message disappears, the player will
operate normally.



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