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Kenwood DDX7039M Instruction Manual: Help? Troubleshooting

Kenwood monitor with dvd receiver instruction manual.
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Some functions of this unit may be disabled by
some settings made on this unit.
• Cannot set up the subwoofer.
• Cannot set up subwoofer phase.
• No output from the subwoofer.
• Cannot set up the low pass filter.
• Cannot set up the high pass filter.
Subwoofer is not set to On.
<Audio Setup> (page 60)
The Dual zone function is enabled.
<Zone Control> (page 80)
Cannot set up the subwoofer phase.
Subwoofer is not set to On.
<Audio Setup>(page 60)
Low pass filter is set to Through.
<Crossover Network Setup> (page 61)
• Cannot select the output destination of the
subsource in the Dual zone.
• Cannot adjust the volume of the rear
The Dual zone function is disabled.
<Zone Control> (page 80)
Cannot play audio files.
"CD Read" of <System Setup> (page 65) is set
to "2".
Cannot Folder select.
The Scan play or Random play function is
Cannot perform Repeat play.
The PBC function is enabled.
• Cannot set up the equalizer.
• Cannot set up the crossover network.
The Dual zone function is enabled.
<Zone Control> (page 80)
What might seem to be a malfunction in
your unit may just be the result of slight
misoperation or miswiring. Before calling
service, first check the following table for
possible problems.
The Touch Sensor Tone doesn't sound.
The preout jack is being used.
The Touch Sensor Tone can't be output from
the preout jack.
Tuner source
Radio reception is poor.
The car antenna is not extended.
Pull the antenna out all the way.
The antenna control wire is not connected.
Connect the wire correctly, referring to the
Disc source
The specified disc does not play, but another
one plays instead.
The specified CD is quite dirty.
Clean the CD.
The disc is loaded in a different slot from that
Eject the disc magazine and check the
number for the specified disc.
The disc is severely scratched.
Try another disc instead.
Audio file source
The sound skips when an Audio file is being
The media is scratched or dirty.
Clean the media, referring to the CD
cleaning of the section on <Handling CDs>
(page 8).
The recording condition is bad.
Record the media again or use another


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