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Sanyo FXD-680GD Service Manual page 5

Full panel detachable high power fm/am stereo receiver compact disc player
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Static Electricity
The CD pickup might suffer destruction by static electricity during spare-parts maintenance or replacement, although it is stable
when connected to the circuit in the CD unit. The destruction might caused because the laser diode terminal will be electrically
open. To prevent the terminal from being open, do the following steps.
1. When you replace the CD pickup, or remove the CD unit from the car stereo unit for any maintenance purpose, solder the
copper foil pattern indicated in Fig. 1 below to short-circuit the connector PCB and flexible wire of the CD unit. Perform your
intended maintenance work with the flexible wire short-circuited.
2. If the original CD pickup may possibly be reused, make a short circuit in the area indicated in Fig. 2 first. Then remove the
pickup and perform the work.
3. The CD pickup OPTIMA-725C2, which is supplied as one of the spare parts, is already short-circuited with the copper foil
pattern pre-soldered indicated in Fig. 2 below. To handle this CD pickup, keep the short circuit as it is. Then attach the pickup
to the unit and connect the flexible wire to the connector.
4. After performing the work, eliminate the short circuit by removing the solder at its respective short-circuited area described in
1, 2 and 3 above.
5. Insert a CD. If the E-01 or E-02 error should appear on the display on the face plate, check the area mentioned in 4 above,
where the short circuit may not have been eliminated.
6. Note that the semi-fixed VR equipped with the CD pickupOPTIMA-725C2 must not be turned. You can't make any
Adjustment to the semi-fixed VR, which is completely adjusted when shipped at the factory.
Fig. 2


Table of Contents

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