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Range Of The Remote Control Unit; Regarding Interference With This Unit; Attaching The Ipod Type Adapter - Pioneer IDK-01 Operating Instructions Manual

Control dock for ipod
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Before you start

Range of the remote control unit

The remote control has a range of about 7
meters. It may not work properly if:
• There are obstacles between the remote
control and this unit's remote sensor.
• Direct sunlight or fluorescent light is
shining onto the remote sensor.
• This system is located near a device that is
emitting infrared rays.
• This unit is operated simultaneously with
another infrared remote control unit.
Regarding interference with this
There may be cases where using a cellular
phone near this unit will result in noise or
interference. If you experience this problem,
distance your cellular phone and this unit.

Attaching the iPod type adapter

For your iPod to sit properly in the dock
connector port, you will have to match the iPod
type adapter with your model of iPod. Each
iPod type adapter has a model marking as
shown below.
iPod model
7 m
Model mark Corresponding iPod type
iPod 20GB
Fourth generation 20 GB iPod
iPod 40GB
Fourth generation 40 GB iPod
iPod mini
Color 20GB
20 GB / 30 GB iPod <color
Color 40GB
40 GB / 60 GB iPod <color
iPod nano
After selecting the iPod type adapter that
corresponds with your iPod unit, insert it into
the iPod type adapter pocket as shown.
• It is also possible to connect an iPod type
adapter from an original iPod dock.
• When using fifth generation iPod models
with this system, please use the iPod type
adapter supplied with your iPod unit.
• When using a third generation iPod model
with this system, please use an 'Apple iPod
Universal Dock adapter 3-pack for iPod
with Dock Connector' available for
purchase from Apple Computer Inc.



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