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Safety Precautions - Kenwood FM MODULATOR SYSTEM KCA-R70FM Instruction Manual

Fm modulator system
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Safety Precautions

Take the following precautions to
prevent fire and avoid personal injury:
• When extending the ignition wire, battery
wire, or ground wire, use 0.75mm
or larger automotive grade wire to avoid wire
deterioration or damage to the covering.
• Check that no metal objects (coins, tools,
etc.) are left inside the unit to avoid short
• If you smell or see smoke, turn the power
off immediately and consult your Kenwood
• Do not touch the liquid crystal fluid if the
LCD is damaged or broken due to shock. The
liquid crystal fluid may be dangerous to your
health or even fatal.
If the liquid crystal fluid from the LCD
contacts your body or clothing, wash it off
with soap immediately.
Take the following precautions to
keep the unit in proper working order.
• Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC
power supply with a negative ground
• Do not open the top or bottom cover.
• Do not install the unit in places it is exposed
to direct sunlight, high heat or humidity,
water may splash over it, or dust exists.
• When replacing a fuse, only use a new one
with the prescribed rating. Using a fuse with
the wrong rating may cause your unit to
• To prevent a short circuit when replacing a
fuse, first disconnect the wiring harness.
• If you have difficulty in installing this unit in
your vehicle, contact your Kenwood dealer.
• If it doesn't seem to be working properly,
first press the Reset button. If the
malfunction persists, consult your Kenwood
• Some car stereos cause the sound of the
tuner to make for a moment when an
engine is activated.
• The reception of the tuner may be reduced
a little if the KCA-R70FM is used.
• If the sound is lower than the tuner sound,
raise up the volume level of the CD/MD
with using the receiver.
• Do not use your own screws. Use only the
screws provided. If you use the wrong
screws, you could damage the unit.
About the disc changer to be
To connect a disc changer having the "O-N"
switch to this unit, set the "O-N" switch to "N".
Note that none of the KDC-C100, KDC-C302,
C205, C705, and non-Kenwood CD changers
can be connected.
Precautions when connecting disc changers
released in 1997 or earlier.
Cleaning the Unit
Reset button
— 3 —
You can damage both your unit and the CD
changer if you connect them incorrectly.
The optional switching adapter KCA-S210A is
necessary to connect a disc changer that is
not equipped with the "O-N" switch except
KDC-C100, KDC-C302, C205 and C705.
If the front panel gets dirty, turn off the
power and wipe the panel with a dry silicon
cloth or soft cloth.
Do not use hard cloths or paint thinner,
alcohol, or other volatile solvents. These may
damage external surfaces or remove
indicator characters.



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