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Motorola MC65 Manual: Microsd Card; Xml Provisioning; Creating An Xml Provisioning File

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MC65 Integrator Guide
A progress bar displays until the update completes.
The MC65 re-boots.
The calibration screen appears.

microSD Card

To install an update loader package using a microSD card:
Copy all the update loader package files to the root directory of a microSD card.
Install the microSD card into the MC65. See
Connect the MC65 to AC power. See
Perform a cold boot.
Immediately, as soon as the device starts to boot and before the splash screen is visible, press and hold the
left scan button.
The Update Loader application looks for the update loader file in the root directory of the microSD card.
When it finds the file, it loads the update loader package onto the MC65. A progress bar displays until the
update completes.
The MC65 re-boots.
The calibration screen appears.

XML Provisioning

To configure the settings on an MC65, use XML provisioning. To install an XML provisioning file on the MC65,
create a Cabinet Provisioning File (CPF). A CPF file is similar to a CAB file and contains just one file: _setup.xml.
Like a CAB file, the CPF extension is associated with WCELoad.EXE. Opening a CPF extracts the XML code and
uses it to provision and configure the MC65. The user receives an e-mail notification indicating success or failure.
XML provisioning provides the ability to configure various features of the MC65 (i.e., registry and file system).
However, some settings require security privileges. To change registry settings via a CPF file, you must have
certain privileges (roles). Some registry keys require you to simply be an Authenticated User, while other registry
keys require you to be a Manager. Refer to the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Help file, Metabase Settings for
Registry Configuration Service Provider section, for the default role settings in Windows Mobile 6.
For those registry settings that require the Manager role, the CPF file must be signed with a privileged certificate
installed on the device. Refer to the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Help file and the Windows Mobile 6 SDK for
instructions and sample test certificates.

Creating an XML Provisioning File

To create a .cpf file:
Create a valid provisioning XML file named _setup.xml using an XML editor or the tools supplied with Visual
Studio 2005. (For example, use the SampleReg.xml sample created in the
rename it _setup.xml.) Ensure the file contains the required parameters for the operation. Refer to the
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Help file for information.
Installing a microSD Card on page 1-2
Chapter 2,
for installation instructions.
RegMerge on page 4-7
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