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Removing Or Installing Planer Blades; Maintenance - Makita 1051D Instruction Manual

Cordless power planer
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Removing or installing planer blades

• Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the bat-
tery cartridge is removed before removing or installing
the blades.
• Handle the blades very carefully. Use gloves or rags to
protect your fingers or hands when removing or install-
ing the blades.
To remove the blades, first loosen the two installation
bolts one turn counterclockwise with the hex wrench pro-
vided. (Fig. 15)
Push the blade from the belt side with the hex wrench.
(Fig. 16)
Remove the other blade in the same manner.
To install the blades, first clean out all chips or foreign
matter adhering to the drum or blades. Insert the blade
between the drum and the drum cover from the side
opposite the belt so that the blade end will protrude
slightly from the side of the drum. Tighten the two instal-
lation bolts securely with the hex wrench provided.
(Fig. 17)
Use only the Makita hex wrench provided to remove or
install the blades. Failure to do so may result in overtight-
ening or insufficient tightening of the installation bolts.
This could cause an injury.
Blade height adjustment (Fig. 18)
Blade height adjustment is usually not necessary. How-
ever, if you notice that the blade edge is below the level of
the rear base or protrudes too far from the rear base, pro-
ceed as follows.
Loosen the two installation bolts. Turn the pan head
screws clockwise to retract the blade or counterclockwise
to protrude it. After adjusting the blade height, tighten the
two installation bolts securely.
Hex wrench storage (Fig. 19)
When not in use, the hex wrench can be conveniently
stored as shown in Fig. 19.


Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the bat-
tery cartridge is removed before carrying out any work on
the tool.
To maintain product safety and reliability, repairs, mainte-
nance or adjustment should be carried out by a Makita
Authorized Service Center.
• These accessories or attachments are recommended
for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual.
The use of any other accessories or attachments might
present a risk of injury to persons. Only use accessory
or attachment for its stated purpose.
If you need any assistance for more details regarding
these accessories, ask your local Makita service center.
• Mini planer blade
• Hex wrench
• Edge fence (Guide rule) with thumb screw and washer
• Dust bag
• Plastic carrying case
• Various type of Makita genuine batteries and chargers



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