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What Your Reverse Osmosis System Will Do; Plan Your Installation - Kenmore 625.381560 Owner's Manual

Reverse osmosis system
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What Your Reverse Osmosis System Will Do

Your Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System is a
water treatment unit. It uses household water pressure to
reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water,
under pressure, is forced through a semi-permeable
membrane where minerals and impurities are filtered
out. Clean drinking water goes to the faucet or storage,
while minerals and impurities are sent to the drain with
RO waste water. The minerals and impurities are meas-
ured in water as total dissolved solids (TDS).
The system includes replaceable pre and postfilter sedi-
ment-carbon cartridges. The prefilter reduces sand, silt,
dirt, rust particles, other sediments, and chlorine from
the water supply before it can enter the RO membrane.


It is recommended to read through the entire manual
before beginning your installation. Follow all steps exact-
ly. Reading this manual will also help you get all the
benefits from your system.
Your Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System can be
installed under a sink or in a remote location. Typical
remote sites are a laundry room or utility room. Review
the location options below and determine where you are
going to install your system.
The Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly and storage tank
are normally installed in a kitchen or bathroom sink cab-
inet. See Figure 2.
A suitable drain point is needed for reject water from the
Reverse Osmosis filter.
You can also locate the Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly
and storage tank in a remote location away from the
Reverse Osmosis Faucet. You will need a nearby water
source and drain point.
See Figure 3.
Check size and position of items for proper installation
into location chosen.
Review the tools needed list. See Figure 1. Gather need-
ed tools before proceeding with the installation. Read
and follow the instructions provided with any tools list-
ed here.
Questions? Call The Kenmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit
Plan Your Installation
The postfilter reduces any tastes and/or odors that may
remain in the water, after passing through the RO mem-
brane, and just before going to the RO faucet. To prevent
water waste, an automatic shutoff valve closes when the
RO faucet is closed and the storage tank is full.
Your reverse osmosis system gives you a continuous
supply of sparkling clear, delicious water for drinking,
cooking and other uses. Foods will look and taste better
too. Having high quality RO product water at your fin-
gertips eliminates the need to buy bottled water. The
storage tank holds over 2 gallons of RO product water
for your needs.
Tools Needed
Adjustable Wrench
Phillips Screwdriver
Drill & Drill bits, if required
Large Adjustable Jaw Pliers or Pipe Wrench
Tape Measure
Flathead Screwdriver
Figure 1

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