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Step 3-Install Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly; Step 4-Install Storage Tank - Kenmore 625.381560 Owner's Manual

Reverse osmosis system
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Step 3 - Install RO Filter Assembly
The Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly is mounted on
hanger washers. The hanger washers allow you to lift the
filter assembly from the washers without any hardware
removal. When planning your installation, you need to
leave room for changing filters. See Figure 11.
Complete the following steps to install your Reverse
Osmosis Filter Assembly:
1. Remove the cover.
2. Locate mounting slots on back of the assembly. See
Figure 11.
3. Hold the assembly up to the wall surface and mark
locations for the hanger washers. This allows room to
change filters.
4. Fasten the hanger washers to the wall using the wood
screws provided.
5. Hang assembly on washers.
6. Replace cover.
Step 4 - Install Storage Tank
1. Apply thread sealing tape to the threads on the nipple
at the top of the tank (max. 2 wraps). See Figure 12.
2. Locate the tubing connector. Tighten the tubing con-
nector with a wrench onto the tank nipple 7-8 turns,
being careful not to cross thread or overtighten. See
Figure 12
3. Do not connect the tube at this time. This will occur
later in the assembly.
4. Place the storage tank next to the Reverse Osmosis
Assembly. The tank can be placed upright or on its
Questions? Call The Kenmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit
Hanger Washer (2)
Screw (2)
tank nipple
15-1/2'' Minimum up
from floor. This distance
allows for space to
change filters
Figure 11
tubing connector
storage tank
Figure 12

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