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Connect Drain Hose; Connect The Inlet Hoses - Kenmore 110.2403 series Use And Care Manual

Three-speed automatic washer with catalyst cleaning action.
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3. Cut the shipping strap about 16 in. (41 cm) from plug end.
Look for the words "CUT HERE." Discard end with the cotter
pins. Slide remainder of shipping strap from the power cord.
You will use the remainder of the shipping strap later to
secure the drain hose.
For standpipe or laundry tub drain systems:
1. Open yellow, single-wire
clamp with pliers and slide over
hooked end of drain hose to secure the rubber and
sections together.
Proper connection of the drain hose will protect your floors from
damage due to water leakage. To prevent the drain hose from
coming off or leaking, it must be installed per the following
IMPORTANT: To ensure proper installation, this procedure must
be followed exactly.
1. Check the drain hose to see that it is the proper length.
2. Wet the inside of the straight end of the drain hose with tap
IMPORTANT: Do not use any lubricant other than water.
3. Squeeze ears of silver, double-wire
clamp with pliers to open.
Place clamp over the straight end of the drain hose V4in.
(6 mm) from the end.
(6 mm)
4. Open clamp. Twist hose back and forth while pushing down
onto drain connector at the bottom of the washer. Continue
until hose contacts the ribbed stop on the cabinet.
Place clamp over area marked "CLAMR" Release clamp.
(6 turn)
1. Hooked end
2. Drain hose
Put hooked end of drain hose into laundry tub or standpipe.
Rotate hook to eliminate kinks.
To prevent drain water from going back into the washer:
Do not straighten hooked end of drain hose. Do not force
excess drain hose into standpipe. Hose should be secure,
but loose enough to provide a gap of air.
Do not lay excess drain hose in bottom of laundry tub.
For floor drain installation, see kit number required under
"Tools and Parts."
1. Insert new fiat washers (supplied) into each end of the inlet
hoses. Firmly seat the washers in the couplings.
1. Coupling
2. Washer
the inlet hoses to the water faucets
Make sure the washer basket is empty.
2. Attach the hose with the red coupling to the hot water faucet.
Screw on coupling by hand until seated on the washer.
3. Attach the hose with the blue coupling to the cold water
faucet. Screw on coupling by hand until seated on the
(6 turn)
1, Drain Hose
3. Ribbed Stop
2. Clamp
4. Cabinet



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