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Discription Of Block Diagram; Only For Training And Service Purposes - LG E1941S Service Manual

Color monitor
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1. Video Controller Part.
This part amplifies the level of video signal for the digital conversion and converts from the analog video signal to the
digital video signal using a pixel clock.
The pixel clock for each mode is generated by the PLL.
The range of the pixel clock is from 25MHz to 149MHz.
This part consists of the Scalar, ADC converter, TMDS receiver and LVDS transmitter.
The Scalar gets the video signal converted analog to digital, interpolates input to 1366 x 768 resolution signal and
outputs 8-bit R, G, B signal to transmitter.
2. Power Part.
This part consists of the one 3.3V, and one 1.8V regulators to convert power which is provided 5V in Power board.
14.5V is provided for inverter board, 5V is provided for LCD panel.
Also, 5V is converted 3.3V and 1.8V by regulator. Converted power is provided for IC in the main board.
The inverter operates back-light lamps of module.
3. MICOM Part.
This part is including video controller part. And this part consists of Reset IC and the Micom.
The Micom distinguishes polarity and frequencies of the H/V sync are supplied from signal cable.
The controlled data of each mode is stored in scalar.
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