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Kenmore 125.15887800 Use And Care Manual page 3

Outdoor electric smoker
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• Proper clearance of 5 feet between the smoker and
combustible construction should be maintained at all
times when this product is in use.
• In windy weather, this product should be located in an
outdoor area that is protected from the wind.
• Do not leave smoker unattended when in use.
• Do not place smoker on or near a gas or electric burner,
or a heated oven.
• Do not store or use smoker near gasoline or other
flammable liquids, gases or where flammable vapors may
be present.
• Use smoker only on a hard, level, noncombustible, stable
surface (concrete, ground, etc.). Never use smoker on
wooden or other surfaces that could burn.
• A drip pan/ash guard will not prevent fires from occurring
on a wooden or other combustible surface. A drip
pan/ash guard is designed for use with a smoker for easy
clean up of drippings that can cause discoloration of
surface and to catch falling ashes and embers.
• Smoker should be placed in an area where children and
pets cannot come into contact with unit. Close
supervision is necessary when this smoker is in use.
• Use caution when reaching into or under smoker. Always
wear oven mitts/gloves to protect your hands from burns.
Avoid touching hot surfaces.
• Base pan should never be touched or moved while
smoker is in operation or if still hot.
• Do not wear loose clothing or allow hair to hang freely
when operating smoker.
• Always wear shoes when operating smoker.
• When in operation, smoker contains hot liquid in water
pan. Extreme caution should be used at all times. Do not
move smoker when water pan contains hot liquids.
Tilting or other slight movement could cause hot liquid to
spill from water pan causing serious bodily injury.
• When opening door, keep hands, face and body safe
from hot steam or possible flame flare-ups. Do not use
water to extinguish flames.
• Use extreme caution when adding liquid to water pan
being careful not to spill any liquid onto electric element.
Always unplug smoker before adding water. Follow
instructions in Step 8 of "Smoking" section of this
• Water pan should always be used when smoking. Do not
allow liquid in water pan to completely evaporate. Check
water pan every 2 hours and add water if level is low (a
sizzling sound may indicate a need for water). Follow
instructions in Step 8 of "Smoking" section of this
• Use caution when assembling or operating your smoker
to avoid cuts or scrapes from sharp edges of metal parts.
• Never add charcoal, lighter fluid, fuel or material of any
kind, other than flavoring wood to the wood chip pan.
• Unplug the smoker from electric outlet when not in use.
Allow smoker to cool completely before cleaning. Make
sure embers are completely extinguished. Dispose of
remaining embers and ashes in a noncombustible
container. Do not allow ashes to build up in smoker.
• Do not use the smoker if the electric element has been
exposed to moisture. Do not clean electric element with a
water spray or the like. Failure to adhere to this safety
warning could result in the electric element shorting out
and in some cases, exploding. Clean the electric element
as instructed in the "Care and Maintenance" section of
this manual.
• Store the smoker indoors in a dry location when not in
use–out of the reach of children.
• Accessory attachments not manufactured for use with
this smoker are not recommended and may lead to
personal injury or property damage.
• Use caution when lifting or moving smoker to prevent
strains and back injuries.
• We advise that you have a fire extinguisher designed for
use with electrical appliances on hand. Refer to your
local authority to determine proper size and type of fire
• Do not attempt to service smoker other than normal
maintenance as explained in "Care & Maintenance"
section of this manual.
• Properly dispose of all packaging material.



Table of Contents

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