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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Test Operation; Procedure And Outline

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Test Operation

4. Test Operation

Procedure and Outline

Follow the following procedure to conduct the initial test operation after installation.
4.1.1 Check Work Prior to Turn Power Supply On
Check the below items.
2Power wiring
2Control transmission wiring
between units
2Earth wire
Check on refrigerant piping /
insulation materials
Check airtight test and vacuum
Check on amount of refrigerant
Check the stop valves for
Is the wiring performed as specified?
Is the designated wire used?
Is the wiring screw of wiring not loose?
Is the grounding work completed?
Is the insulation of the main power supply circuit deteriorated?
Use a 500V megger tester to measure the insulation. (*1)
2 Do not use a megger tester for other circuits than 200V
(or 240V) circuit.
*1:Measure to be taken against decreased insulation resistance in
the compressor
If the compressor is left to stand for
an extended period of time after the
refrigerant charge with the stop valve
open and the power supply OFF, the
refrigerant may be mixed in the
compressor, thus decreasing the
insulation resistance.
Heat the compressor as shown on
the right and then recheck the
Is the pipe size proper?
Is the pipe insulation material installed securely?
Liquid and gas pipes need to be insulated. (Otherwise causes
water leak.)
Have the airtight test and the vacuum drying been conducted
according to the procedure in the Installation Manual?
Is a proper quantity of refrigerant changed?
Calculate the "additional charging amount" using "How to
calculate the additional refrigerant to be charged" in "2-6-5
Example of connection".
If the "additional charging amount" was not charged fully, charge
proper amount of refrigerant.
Check to be sure the stop valves are under the following
Liquid-side stop valve
Heat the left side of the
terminal for a period of
approximately 15 minutes.
Gas-side stop valve
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