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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Electrical Work

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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3.2.10 Electrical Work

Control Wiring
1. Compatible types of wire
1. Sheathed wire may be used for transmission wirings, but they do not comply with EMI
2. For FXYAP indoor unit, use sheathed wire.
2. Problems arising from the use of unsuitable cable
a) When cable less than 0.75 mm² is used
b) When cable more than 1.25 mm² is used
c) For multi-core cable
d) In the case of a remote control with a three way selector for cooling, heating and ventilation,
e) Since there is a considerable risk of mixing high (220 to 240V) and low voltage in the case
f) Other important points
1. The refrigerant circuit and the indoor/outdoor connecting cables must correspond exactly.
2. A suitable gap must be left between the control cables and the power supply cables where
General Information
Wiring Specifications
Wiring Type
Shield Wire (2 wire) (See NOTE 1, 2)
0.75~1.25 mm²
(Electromagnetic lnterference) (EN55014). When using sheathed wire. EMI must conform to
Japanese standards stipulated in the Electric Appliance Regulatory Act. (If using a sheathed
wire, the grounding shown in the figure on the left is unnecessary.)
Where the control wiring is particularly long the transmission signals may, for example,
become unstable and the terminal relay cease to function. (Reduced voltage) The control
system may become unduly subject to noise interference.
When wiring indoor units together, the terminal block will not be able to accommodate 2
cables simultaneously if the cables are larger than 1.25 mm².
The greater play between wires, the more the transmitted wave is distorted and transmission
twin core cable should be used when the ventilation mode is not required and three core
cable should be used when three way selection is required.
of, for example, a PCB for remote control, multiple core cable must not be used.
(Internal wiring regulations and dielectric strengths of cables are relevant here.)
[Example of incorrect method]
PCB for
(6 core cable)
these are laid alongside each other. (See "Separation of control and power supply cables"
on page 73)
[Example of correct method]
PCB for


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