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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual Page 71

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Wall Mounted
Type (FXAQ-MA)
(2) Make sure the drain works properly.
Drain piping connections
Do not connect the drain piping directly to sewage pipes that smell of ammonia. The ammonia in the
sewage might enter the indoor unit through the drain pipes and corrode the heat exchanger.
Keep in mind that it will become the cause of getting drain pipe blocked if water collects on drain pipe.
General Information
(1) Install the drain piping. (Refer to Fig. 16)
The drain pipe should be short with a downward slope and should prevent air pockets from forming.
Watch out for the points in the figure 16 when performing drain work.
Make sure the drain
hose is at a downward
Make sure the tip does
not go underwater even
when water is added.
When extending the drain hose, use a commercially available drain extansion hose, and be sure to
insulate the extended section of the drain hose which is indoors. (Refer to Fig. 17)
Extension drain piping
(locally produced)
Insulating tube
(locally produced)
Make sure the diameter of the piping is the same as the piping (hard vinyl chloride, nominal diameter
13mm) or bigger.
When directly connecting a hard vinyl chloride pipe joint (nominal diameter 13mm) to the drain hose
connected to the indoor unit (i.e. for embedded piping, etc.), use a commercially available hard vinyl
choride pipe joint (nominal diameter 13mm). (Refer to Fig. 18)
Drain hose connected
to the indoor unit
After drain work is complete, perform a drain
check by opening the front panel, removing
the air filter, pouring water into the drain pan,
and make ing sure the water flows smoothly
out of the drain hose. (Refer to Fig. 19)
Fig. 16
Insulating tape (accessory) (4)
Commercially available hard
vinyl chloride pipe joint
(nominal diameter 13mm)
Plastic container
for pouring
Fig. 19
Drain hose
Indoor unit drain hose
Commercially available
hard vinyl chloride pipe
(nominal diameter 13mm)
Make sure not to splash the water.
Drain hose
Fig. 17
Fig. 18
Drain pan
C: 3P156215-6D


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