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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual Page 336

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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2-9-3 COOL/HEAT cannot be Changed Over
• When the display shows "
It shows that this is a slave remote control.
Refer to "Setting the Master Remote Control".
• When the cool/heat selector switch is installed and the dis-
play shows "
This is because cool/heat changeover is controlled by the cool/
heat selector. Ask your Daikin dealer where the remote control
switch is installed.
2-9-4 Fan Operation is Possible, but Cooling and Heat-
ing do not Work
• Immediately after the power is turned on.
The micro computer is getting ready to operate.
Wait 10 minutes.
2-9-5 The Fan Strength does not Correspond to the Set-
• The fan strength does no change even if the fan strength
adjustment button in pressed.
During heating operation, when the room temperature reaches
the set temperature, the outdoor unit goes off and the indoor unit
changes to whisper fan strength.
This is to prevent cold air blowing directly on occupants of the
The fan strength will not change even if the button is changed,
when another indoor unit is in heating operation.
2-9-6 The Fan Direction does not Correspond to the
• The fan direction does not correspond to the remote control
The fan direction does not swing.
This is because the unit is being controlled by the micro computer.
Refer to "Adjusting the Air Flow Direction".
2-9-7 White Mist Comes Out of a Unit
Indoor unit
• When humidity is high during cooling operation.
If the interior of an indoor unit is extremely contaminated, the tem-
perature distribution inside a room becomes uneven. It is neces-
sary to clean the interior of the indoor unit. Ask your Daikin dealer
for details on cleaning the unit. This operation requires a qualified
service person.
• Immediately after the cooling operation stops and if the room
temperature and humidity are low.
This is because warm refrigerant gas flows back into the indoor
unit and generates steam.
Indoor unit, outdoor unit
• When the system is changed over to heating operation after
defrost operation.
Moisture generated by defrost becomes steam and is exhausted.
2-9-8 Noise of Air Conditioners
Indoor unit
• A "zeen" sound is heard immediately after the power supply
is turned on.
The electronic expansion valve inside an indoor unit starts work-
ing and makes the noise. Its volume will reduce in about one
• A continuous low "shah" sound is heard when the system is
in cooling operation or at a stop.
When the drain pump (optional accessories) is in operation, this
noise is heard.
• A "pishi-pishi" squeaking sound is heard when the system
stops after heating operation.
Expansion and contraction of plastic parts caused by temperature
change make this noise.
• A low "sah", "choro-choro" sound is heard while the indoor
unit is stopped.
When the other indoor unit is in operation, this noise is heard. In
order to prevent oil and refrigerant from remaining in the system,
a small amount of refrigerant is kept flowing.
Outdoor unit
• When the tone of operating noise changes.
This noise is caused by the change of frequency.
Operation Manual
" (changeover under
" (changeover under control).
Indoor unit, outdoor unit
• A continuous low hissing sound is heard when the system is
in cooling or defrost operation.
This is the sound of refrigerant gas flowing through both indoor
and outdoor units.
• A hissing sound which is heard at the start or immediately
after stopping operation or defrost operation.
This is the noise of refrigerant caused by flow stop or flow change.
2-9-9 Dust Comes Out of the Unit
• When the unit is used after stopping for a long time.
This is because dust has gotten into the unit.
2-9-10 The Units can Give off Odours
• During operation.
The unit can absorb the smell of rooms, furniture, cigarettes, etc.,
and then emit it again.
2-9-11 The Outdoor Unit Fan does not Spin
• During operation.
The speed of the fan is controlled in order to optimize product
2-9-12 The Display Shows
• This is the case immediately after the main power supply
switch is turned on.
This means that the remote control is in normal condition. This
continues for one minute.
2-9-13 The Compressor or Fan in the Outdoor Unit does
not Stop
• This is to prevent oil and refrigerant from remaining in the
compressor. The unit will stop after 5 to 10 minutes.
2-9-14 The Inside of an Outdoor Unit is Warm even when
the Unit has Stopped
• This is because the crankcase heater is warming the com-
pressor so that the compressor can start smoothly.
2-9-15 It Stops Sometimes
• The remote control display reads "U4" and "U5" and stops
but then restarts after a few minutes.
This is because the remote control is intercepting noise from elec-
trical appliances other than the air conditioner, and this prevents
communication between the units, causing them to stop.
Operation automatically restarts when the noise goes away.
2-9-16 Hot Air is Emitted even though the Unit is
• Hot air can be felt when the unit is stopped.
Several different indoor units are being run on the same system,
so if another unit is running, some refrigerant will still flow through
the unit.
2-9-17 Does not Cool very well
• Program dry operation.
Program dry operation is designed to lower the room temperature
as little as possible.
Refer to page 326.
Operation Manual


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