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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual Page 335

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Operation Manual
• When one outdoor unit is connected with several indoor units as
shown in figure 14, it is necessary to designate one of the remote
controls as the master remote control.
figure 14
• Only the master remote control can select heating, cooling oper-
• The displays of slave remote controls show "
(changeover under control) and they automatically follow the
operation mode directed by the master remote control.
However, it is possible to changeover to program dry with slave
remote controls if the system is in cooling operation by setting on
the master remote control and to changeover to fan only opera-
How to designate the master remote control
Press the operation mode selector button of the current mas-
ter remote control for 4 seconds.
The display showing "
trol) of all slave remote controls connected to the same out-
door unit flashes.
Press the operation mode selector button of the controller that
you wish to designate as the master remote control. Then
designation is completed. This remote control is designated
as the master remote control and the display showing
" (changeover under control) vanishes.
The displays of other remote controls show "
(changeover under control).
2-6-6 Precautions for Group Control System or Two
Remote Control Control System
This system provides two other control systems beside individual
control (one remote control controls one indoor unit) system. Confirm
about your system to Daikin dealer.
• Group control system
One remote control controls up to 16 indoor units. All indoor units
are equally set.
• Two remote control control system
Two remote controls control one indoor unit (in case of group con-
trol system, one group of indoor units). The unit is individually
• Contact your Daikin dealer in case of changing the combi-
nation or setting of group control and two remote control
control systems.
2-7 Optimum Operation
Observe the following precautions to ensure the system operates
• Adjust the air outlet properly and avoid direct air flow to room
• Adjust the room temperature properly for a comfortable environ-
ment. Avoid excessive heating or cooling.
• Prevent direct sunlight from entering a room during cooling oper-
ation by using curtains or blinds.
• Ventilate often.
Extended use requires special attention to ventilation.
• Do not keep doors and windows opened. If the doors and win-
dows remain open, air will flow out of your room causing a
decrease in the cooling or heating effect.
• Never place objects near the air inlet or the air outlet of the unit. It
may cause deterioration in the effect or stop the operation.
" (changeover under con-
• Turn off the main power supply switch to the unit when the unit is
not used for longer periods of time. If the switch is on, it uses elec-
tricity. Before restarting the unit, turn on the main power supply
switch 6 hours before operation to ensure smooth running. (Refer
to the chapter "Maintenance" in the indoor unit manual.)
• When the display shows "
qualified service person to clean the filters. (Refer to the chapter
"Maintenance" in the indoor unit manual.)
• Keep the indoor unit and remote control at least 1 m away from
televisions, radios, stereos, and other similar equipment.
Failing to do so may cause static or distorted pictures.
• Do not use other heating devices directly beneath the indoor unit.
If you do, they might get deformed by the heat.
2-8 Seasonal Maintenance
2-8-1 At the Beginning of the Season
• Are the indoor and outdoor unit intake and outlet vents blocked?
Remove anything that might be blocking them.
Clean the air filter and exterior.
• After cleaning the air filter, be sure to put it back in the same posi-
See the operation manual included with the indoor unit for details
on how to clean it.
Turn the power on.
• When the power comes on, the characters in the remote control
display appear.
(To protect the unit, turn the power on at least 6 hours before
operating it. This makes operation smoother.)
2-8-2 At the End of the Season
On a clear day, use fan operation for around half a day to thor-
oughly dry out the interior of the unit.
• Refer to page 4 for details on fan operation.
Turn off the power
• When the power is shut off, the characters in the remote control
display disappear.
• When the power is on, the unit consumes up to several dozen
Watts of power.
Turn off the power to conserve energy.
Clean the air filter and exterior.
• After cleaning the air filter, be sure to put it back in the same posi-
See the operation manual included with the indoor unit for details
on how to clean it.
2-9 Following Symptoms are not Air Conditioner
2-9-1 The System does not Operate
• The air conditioner does not start immediately when restart
the operation after stop the operation or change operation
mode after set the operation mode.
If the operation lamp lights, the system is in normal condition.
To prevent overloading of the compressor motor, the air condi-
tioner starts 5 minutes after it is turned ON again in case it was
turned OFF just before.
• If "
" (under centralized control) is displayed on
the remote control and pressing the operation button causes
the display to blink for a few seconds.
This indicates that the central device is controlling the unit.
The blinking display indicates that the remote control cannot be
• The system does not start immediately after the power sup-
ply is turned on.
Wait one minute until the micro computer is prepared for opera-
2-9-2 It Stops sometimes
• The remote control display reads "U4" or "U5" and stops but
then restarts after a few minutes.
This is because the remote control is intercepting noise from elec-
trical appliances other than the air conditioner, and this prevents
communication between the units, causing them to stop.
Operation automatically restarts when the noise goes away.
" (time to clean the air filter), ask a
Operation Manual


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