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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Safety Cautions

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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1-1 Safety Cautions

Read the following cautions carefully and use your equipment
There are two kinds of safety cautions and tips listed here as follows:
Warning ............ Improper handling can lead to such serious
consequences as death or severe injury.
Caution............... Improper handling can lead to injury or dam-
age. It could also have serious consequences
under certain conditions.
Keep this operation manual handy so that you can refer to them
if needed.
Also, if this equipment is transferred to a new user, make sure to
hand over this operation manual to the new user.
It is not good for your health to expose your body to the air
flow for a long time.
In order to avoid electric shock, fire or injury, or if you detect
any abnormality such as smell of fire, turn off power and call
your dealer for instructions.
Ask your dealer for installation of the air conditioner.
Incomplete installation performed by yourself may result in a
water leakage, electric shock, and fire.
Ask your dealer for improvement, repair, and maintenance.
Incomplete improvement, repair, and maintenance may result in a
water leakage, electric shock, and fire.
Do not put a finger, a rod or other objects into the air inlet or
outlet. As the fan is rotating at high speed, it will cause injury.
Never touch the air outlet or the horizontal blades while the
swing flap is in operation.
Fingers may become caught or the unit may break down.
The refrigerant in the air conditioner is safe and normally
does not leak. If the refrigerant leaks inside the room, the
contact with a fire of a burner, a heater or a cooker may result
in a harmful gas.
Turn off any combustible heating devices, ventilate the room, and
contact the dealer where you purchased the unit.
Do not use the air conditioner until when a service person con-
firms to finish repairing the portion where the refrigerant leaks.
For refrigerant leakage, consult your dealer.
When the air conditioner is to be installed in a small room, it is nec-
essary to take proper measures so that the amount of any leaked
refrigerant does not exceed the limiting concentration even when
it leaks. If the refrigerant leaks exceeding the level of limiting con-
centration, an oxygen deficiency accident may happen.
Improper installation or attachment of equipment or acces-
sories could result in electric shock, short-circuit, leaks, fire
or other damage to the equipment. Be sure only to use acces-
sories made by Daikin which are specifically designed for
use with the equipment and have them installed by a profes-
Ask your dealer to move and reinstall the air conditioner.
Incomplete installation may result in a water leakage, electric
shock, and fire.
In order to avoid electric shock, fire, injury or damaging the
unit, do not use improper ampere fuses or do not use copper
nor steel wires instead.
Be sure to establish an earth.
Do not earth the unit to a utility pipe, arrester, or telephone
Incomplete earth may cause electrical shock, or fire.
A high surge current from lightning or other sources may cause
damage to the air conditioner.
Be sure to install an earth leakage breaker.
Failure to install an earth leakage breaker may result in electric
shocks, or fire.
Do not use the air conditioner for other purposes.
In order to avoid any quality deterioration, do not use the unit for
cooling precision instruments, food, plants, animals or works of
Operation Manual
In order to avoid injury, do not remove the fan guard of out-
door unit.
To avoid oxygen deficiency, ventilate the room sufficiently if
equipment with burner is used together with the air condi-
After a long use, check the unit stand and fitting for damage.
If they are left in a damaged condition, the unit may fall and result
in injury.
Neither place a flammable spray bottle near the air condi-
tioner nor perform spraying.
Doing so may result in a fire.
Before cleaning, be sure to stop the operation, turn the
breaker off.
Otherwise, an electric shock and injury may result.
Do not operate the air conditioner with a wet hand.
An electric shock may result.
Do not place items which might be damaged by moisture
under the indoor unit which may be damaged by water.
Condensation may form if the humidity is above 80%, if the drain
outlet gets blocked or the filter is polluted.
Do not place appliances which produce open fire in places
exposed to the air flow from the unit or under the indoor unit.
It may cause incomplete combustion or deformation of the
unit due to the heat.
Do not mount on the outdoor unit or avoid placing any object
on it.
Falling or tumbling may result in injury.
Never expose little children, plants or animals directly to the
air flow.
Adverse influence to little children, animals and plants may result.
Do not wash the air conditioner with water.
Electric shock or fire may result.
Do not install the air conditioner at any place where flamma-
ble gas may leak out.
If the gas leaks out and stays around the air conditioner, a fire may
break out.
Arrange the drain hose to ensure smooth drainage. Incom-
plete drainage may cause wetting of the building, furniture
Do not let children play on and around the outdoor unit.
If they touch the unit carelessly, it may result in injury.
Do not place a flower vase or anything containing water on
the indoor unit.
Water may enter the unit, causing an electric shock or fire.
Do not place the controller exposed to direct sunlight.
The LCD display may get discolored, failing to display the data.
Do not wipe the controller operation panel with benzine, thin-
ner, chemical dustcloth, etc.
The panel may get discolored or the coating peeled off. If it is
heavily dirty, soak a cloth in water-diluted neutral detergent,
squeeze it well and wipe the panel clean. And wipe it with another
dry cloth.
Never touch the internal parts of the controller.
Do not remove the front panel. Some parts inside are dangerous
to touch, and a machine trouble may happen. For checking and
adjusting the internal parts, contact your dealer.
Avoid placing the controller in a spot splashed with water.
Water coming inside the machine may cause an electric leak or
may damage the internal electronic parts.
Never press the button of the remote control with a hard,
pointed object.
The remote control may be damaged.
Never pull or twist the electric wire of a remote control.
It may cause the unit to malfunction.
Do not operate the air conditioner when using a room fumi-
gation - type insecticide.
Failure to observe could cause the chemicals to become depos-
ited in the unit, which could endanger the health of those who are
hypersensitive to chemicals.
The appliance is not intended for use by young children or
infirm persons without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with the appliance.
Consult with installation contractor for cleaning the inside of
the air conditioner.
Operation Manual


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