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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Test Run

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Heat Pump / Cooling Only 50Hz (RX(Y)Q5~54P)

1.13 Test Run

1.13.1 Before Test Run
! Make sure the following works are completed in accordance with the installation manual.
! Check that all work for the indoor unit are finished and there are no danger to operate.
1.13.2 Test Run
After check operation is completed, operate the unit normally and check the following.
1. Make sure the indoor and outdoor units are operating normally.
2. Operate each indoor unit one by one and make sure the corresponding outdoor unit is also
3. Check to see if cold (or hot, except RXQ-P) air is coming out from the indoor unit.
4. Push the fan direction and strength buttons on the remote control to see if they operate
! Heating is not possible if the outdoor temperature is 24°C or higher. Refer to the Operation
! If a knocking sound can be heard in the liquid compression of the compressor, stop the unit
! Once stopping, the compressor will not restart in about 5 minutes even if the On/Off button
! When the system operation is stopped by the remote control, the outdoor units may continue
! The outdoor unit fan may rotate at low speeds if the Night-time low noise setting or the
1.13.3 Checks after Test Run
Perform the following checks after the test run is complete.
! Record the contents of field setting.
! Record the installation date.
After the test run, when handing the unit over to the customer, make sure the EL.COMPO.BOX
lid, the inspection door, and the unit casing are all attached.
$ Piping work
$ Wiring work
$ Air tight test
$ Vacuum drying
$ Additional refrigerant charge
immediately and then energize the crank case heater for a sufficient length of time before
restarting the operation.
of the remote control is pushed.
operating for further 5 minutes at maximum.
External low noise level setting is made, but this is not a malfunction.
→ Record them on the accessory "REQUEST FOR THE INDICATION" label.
And attach the label on the back side of the front panel.
→ Record the installation date on the accessory "REQUEST FOR THE INDICATION" label
in accordance with the IEC60335-2-40.
And attach the label on the back side of the front panel.
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