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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual Page 259

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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<About refrigerant charging>
! The refrigerant charge port is connected to the piping inside the unit.
! After adding the refrigerant, make sure to close the lid of the refrigerant charging port.
! See [Shutoff valve operation procedure] in chapter 1-11-1 for details on how to handle
! When done or when pausing the refrigerant charging operation, close the valve of the
<About check operation>
! Make sure to perform the check operation after installation. Otherwise, the malfunction code
! Check operation must be performed for each refrigerant piping system.
! The individual problems of indoor units can not be checked.
! The check operation cannot be performed in recovery or other service modes.
1. Make sure the following works are complete in accordance with the installation manual.
2. Calculate the "additional charging amount" using "How to calculate the additional refrigerant
3. Open the valve C (See the figure 31. The valve A, B and the liquid and gas side shutout
Installation Manual
When the unit is shipped from the factory, the unit's internal piping is already charged with
refrigerant, so be careful when connecting the charge hose.
The tightening torque for the lid is 11.5 to 13.9 Nm.
shutoff valves.
refrigerant tank immediately. If the tank is left with the valve open, the amount of refrigerant
which is properly charged may be off the point. More refrigerant may be charged by any
remaining pressure after the machine is stopped.
"U3" will be displayed and normal operation cannot be performed.
And the failure of "Check of miswiring" may also cause abnormal operation. Performance
may drop due to the failure of "Judgment of piping length".
Checking is impossible if plural systems are being done at once.
About these problems check by test run after the check operation is completed. (See
chapter 1-13)
! Piping work
! Wiring work
! Air tight test
! Vacuum drying
! Installation work for indoor unit
to be charged" in "1-6-5 Example of connection".
valve must be left closed), and charge the refrigerant of the "additional charging amount"
from the liquid side shutout valve service port.
If the "additional charging amount" was charged fully, close the valve C and go to step 5.
If the "additional charging amount" was not charged fully, go to step 4.
Charge hose
R-410A tank
(with siphon)
Heat Pump / Cooling Only 50Hz (RX(Y)Q5~54P)
Liquid side
shutoff valve
Refrigerant charge port
Gas side
shutoff valve
Shutoff valve
service port
Valve B
Valve C
Valve A
Field pipings
Refrigerant flow
figure 31
To indoor unit


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