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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Pipe Insulation

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Heat Pump / Cooling Only 50Hz (RX(Y)Q5~54P)

Pipe Insulation

! Insulation of pipes should be done after performing "1-8 Air Tight Test and Vacuum
! Always insulate the liquid side piping and gas side piping in the interunit piping and
! Reinforce the insulation on the refrigerant piping according to the installation environment.
! If there is a possibility that condensation on the shutoff valve might drip down into the indoor
! The piping lead-out hole lid should be attached after opening a knock hole. (Refer to figure
! If small animals and the like might enter the unit through the piping lead-out hole, close the
! After knocking out the holes, we recommend you remove burrs in the knock holes (see
refrigerant branching kit. Failing to insulate the pipes could cause leaking or burns. (The gas
side piping can reach temperatures of 120°C. Be sure the insulation used can withstand
such temperatures.)
Condensation might form on the surface of the insulation.
$ Ambient temperature: 30°C, humidity: 75% to 80% RH: min. thickness: 15 mm.
$ If the ambient temperature exceeds 30°C and the humidity 80% RH, then the min.
thickness is 20 mm.
unit through gaps in the insulation and piping because the outdoor unit is located higher than
the indoor unit, etc., this must be prevented by caulking the connections, etc. (Refer to
figure 29)
hole with blocking material (procured on site) after completion of "1-11. Additional
Refrigerant Charge and Check Operation". (Refer to figure 30)
Liquid side shutoff valve
Gas side shutoff valve
Indoor interunit piping
Piping lead-out hole lid
Open a knock
hole at "
figure 30) and paint the edges and areas around the edges using the repair paint.
Refrigerant charge port
Coking, etc.
Insulation material
figure 29
Block "
Gas side piping
figure 30
Liquid side piping
Installation Manual


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