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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Installation; Step By Step Installation Procedure

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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3. Installation


Step by Step Installation Procedure

< Operations >
Determination of division of work
Preparation of contract drawings
Sleeve and insert work
Installation of indoor unit
Refrigerant piping work
Drain pipe work
Duct work
Heat insulation work
Electrical work (connection circuits
and drive circuits)
Setting of indoor unit setting
Outdoor unit foundation work
Installation of outdoor unit
Setting of outdoor unit setting
Air tight test
Vacuum drying
Additional charge of refrigerant
Fit decoration panels
Test run adjustment
Transfer to customer with explana-
The above list indicates the order in which the individual work operations are normally carried
out but this order may be varied where local conditions warrant such a change
General Information
< Points>
Indicate clearly who is to be responsible for switch
Make relationship between outdoor, indoor, remote
control and option connections clear. (Prepare control
Take account of gradient of drain piping.
Check model name to make sure the fitting is made
Special attention to dryness, cleanness and tightness.
Adjust to downward gradient.
Make sure airflow is sufficient.
Make sure no gaps are left where the insulating
materials are joined.
Multiple core cable must not be used. (Suitable cable
should be selected).
Must be carried out in strict accordance with control
circuit diagrams.
The foundation must be level.
Avoid short circuits and ensure sufficient space is
allowed for servicing.
Must be carried out in strict accordance with control
circuit diagrams
(Sequence start, low noise input, Cooling/Heating
selection refrigerant piping lenght etc.).
In the final check for 24 hours at 3.80 MPa there must
be no drop in pressure.
The vacuum pump used must have a capacity of
reaching at least 5mmHg
The amount of refrigerant to be added to the unit should
be calculated and written on th "Added Refrigerant" plate
and attached to the rear side of the front cover.
Make sure there are no gaps left between the decoration
panel and ceiling
Run each indoor unit in turn to make sure the pipework
has been fitted correctly
Explain the use of the system as clearly as possible to
your customer and make sure all relevant documentation


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