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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Field Wiring

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Heat Pump / Cooling Only 50Hz (RX(Y)Q5~54P)

Field Wiring

! All field wiring and components must be installed by a licensed electrician and must comply
! Be sure to use a dedicated power circuit. Never use a power supply shared by another
! Never install a phase advancing capacitor. As this unit is equipped with an inverter, installing
! Only proceed with wiring work after blocking off all power.
! Always ground wires in accordance with relevant local and national regulations.
! This machine includes an inverter device. Connect earth and leave charge to eliminate the
! Do not connect the ground wire to gas pipes, sewage pipes, lightning rods, or telephone
! Be sure to install an earth leakage circuit breaker.
! Earth leakage circuit breaker which are especially for protecting ground-faults should be
! Electrical wiring must be done in accordance with the wiring diagrams and the description
! Do not operate until refrigerant piping work is completed.
! Never remove thermistor, sensor or etc. when connecting power wiring and transmission
! This product have reversed phase protection detector that only works when the power is
! Attach the power wire securely. Introducing power with a missing N-phase or with a
! Never connect the power supply in reversed phase.
! Make sure the electrical unbalance ratio is no greater than 2%. If it is larger than this, the
! Connect the wire securely using designated wire and fix it with attached clamp without
with relevant local and national regulations.
a phase advancing capacitor will not only deteriorate power factor improvement effect, but
also may cause capacitor abnormal heating accident due to high-frequency waves.
impact on other devices by reducing noise generated from the inverter device and to prevent
leaked current from being charged in the outer hull of the product.
ground wires.
Gas pipes: can explode or catch fire if there is a gas leak.
Sewage pipes: no grounding effect is possible if hard plastic piping is used.
Telephone ground wires and lightning rods: dangerous when struck by lightning due to
abnormal rise in electrical potential in the grounding.
This unit uses an inverter, so install the earth leakage circuit breaker that be capable of
handling high harmonics in order to prevent malfunctioning of the earth leakage circuit
breaker itself.
used in conjunction with main switch or fuse for use with wiring.
(If operated before complete the piping work, the compressor may be broken down.)
(If operated with thermistor, sensor or etc. removed, the compressor may be broken down.)
turned on. If there exists black out or the power goes on and off which the product is
operating, attach a reversed phase protection circuit locally. Running the product in reversed
phase may break the compressor and other parts.
mistaken N-phase will break the unit.
The unit can not operate normally in reversed phase.
If you connect in reversed phase, replace two of the three phases.
unit's life span will be reduced.
If the ratio exceeds 4%, the unit will shut down and an malfunction code will be displayed on
the indoor remote control.
applying external pressure on the terminal parts (terminal for power wiring, terminal for
transmission wiring and earth terminal).
Installation Manual


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