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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Pipe Connection

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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3.6.3 Pipe connection

! Be sure to perform nitrogen permutation or nitrogen blow when brazing. (Refer to figure 10)
! The pressure regulator for the nitrogen released when doing the brazing should be set to
Do not use anti-oxidants when brazing the pipe joints.
Residue can clog pipes and break equipment.
3.6.4 Connecting the refrigerant piping
1. Direction to bring out the pipes
Precautions when knocking out knock holes
! Open knock hole in the base frame by drilling the 4 concave around it with a 6mm bit. (Refer
! Be sure to avoid damaging the casing
! After knocking out the holes, we recommend you remove any burrs and paint them using the
! When passing electrical wiring through the knock holes, protect the wiring with a conduit or
Installation Manual
Brazing without performing nitrogen permutation or nitrogen blow into the piping will create
large quantities of oxidized film on the inside of the pipes, adversely affecting valves and
compressors in the refrigerating system and preventing normal operation.
0.02 MPa (about 0.2kg/cm
The local interunit piping can be connected either forward or to the sides (taken out through
the bottom) as shown in the figure 11.
(When passing out through the bottom, use the knock hole in the bottom frame.)
Left-side connection
to figure 12)
repair paint to prevent rusting.
bushings, making sure not to damage the wiring.
Heat Pump / Cooling Only 50Hz (RX(Y)Q5~54P)
Refrigerant pipe
Location to be brazed
Handy valve
figure 10
:Enough to feel a slight breeze on your cheek).
Front connection
figure 11
Right-side connection


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