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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual Page 207

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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7.14.7 Example 7: Transmission Wiring between the Cool/heat Selector and
the Outdoor Unit is too Close to a High Voltage Wire.
Heating is indicated despite having selected cooling with the cool/heat selector.
Cause and
The transmission wiring between the cool/heat selector and the outdoor unit is too close to a
Remedial Action
high voltage wire. An induced voltage is, therefore, being impressed on the transmission wiring
which is causing a heating/cooling malfunction in the outdoor unit PC board.
Bypassing the transmission wiring will allow the unit to function normally.
Main Points
! Keep low and high voltage wiring away from each another.
7.14.8 Example 8: The Centralized Control Group Number cannot be Set
(Inverter K Series).
An attempt was made to set the centralized control group number with the indoor unit remote
control, but "00" cannot be selected in the field setting mode.
1. The central remote control or unified ON/OFF controller is OFF.
2. The central remote control or unified ON/OFF controller, or indoor unit is not wired to the
Remedial Action
Supply power to either the central remote control or unified ON/OFF controller.
Wire the central remote control or unified ON/OFF controller, or indoor unit to the centralized
control line.
Main Points
! When communications with the central remote control are down, "00" cannot be selected in
! Activate power to the central remote control, unified ON/OFF controller and indoor unit
General Information
High voltage wire
Transmission wiring (low voltage wire)
Cool/heat selector
centralized control line (F1 & F2).
Group No.
the field setting mode.
before setting the centralized control group number.
Outdoor unit
Mode No.
Field setting


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