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Daikin RXYQ5PY1 Service Manual: Caution For Refrigerant Leaks

Daikin r-410a heat pump 50hz/60hz cooling only 50hz.
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Caution for Refrigerant Leaks

5. Caution for Refrigerant Leaks
Caution for Refrigerant Leaks
5.1.1 Introduction
Points to note in connection with refrigerant leaks
The installer and system specialist shall secure safety against leakage according to local
regulations or standards. The following standards may be applicable if local regulations
are not available.
5.1.2 Maximum Concentration Level
The maximum charge of refrigerant and the calculation of the maximum concentration of
refrigerant is directly related to the humanly occupied space in to which it could leak.
The unit of measurement of the concentration is kg/m³ (the weight in kg of the refrigerant gas in
1m³ volume of the occupied space).
Compliance to the local applicable regulations and standards for the maximum allowable
concentration level is required.
In Australia the maximum allowed concentration level of refrigerant to a humanly space is
limited to 0.35 kg/m³ for R-407C, and 0.44 kg/m³ for R-410A.
Pay special attention to the place, such as a basement, etc., where refrigerant can stay,
since refrigerant is heavier than air.
5.1.3 Procedure for Checking Dangerous Concentration
Check the Dangerous concentration in accordance with steps (1)-(4) below and take whatever
action is necessary.
Calculate the amount of refrigerant (kg) charged to each system separately.
Where a single refrigerant facility is divided into 2 entirely independent refrigerant systems then
use the amount of refrigerant with which each separate system is charged.
Outdoor unit
Direction of refrigerant flow
Indoor unit
(Additional charging
(Amount of refrigerant
in a sigle indoor unit
Room where
refrigerant leak has
occurred (Outflow
of all the refrigerant
in system).
Total amount of
refrigerant (kg) in
the system
Amount of refrigerant with which
the system is charged before
leaving the factory
Amount of refrigerant added
locally in accordance with the
length or diameter of the
refrigerant piping
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