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Drive Chain (Dvx) - Arctic Cat 300 Utility Service Manual

Arctic cat atv 2014 service manual
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3. Install the drain plug and tighten securely.
4. Remove the fill plug and pour the appropriate
amount of recommended lubricant into the fill hole.
5. Install the fill plug and tighten securely.
6. Check the area around the drain plug for leakage.

Drive Chain (DVX)

Drive chain condition and adjustment should be
inspected each day before the ATV is operated. Always
follow the following guidelines for inspecting and servic-
ing the drive chain.
Failure to inspect and maintain the drive chain can be
hazardous. Operating the ATV with the drive chain in
poor condition or improperly adjusted can cause an
accident resulting in possible injury.
Inspect the drive chain for any of the following conditions.
A. Loose pins.
B. Loose or cracked rollers.
C. Dry or rusted links.
D. Kinked or binding links.
E. Excessive wear.
The presence of any of the conditions requires drive
chain replacement.
NOTE: If the drive chain is worn or damaged, the
sprockets may also be worn or damaged. Inspect the
sprockets for worn, broken, or damaged teeth.
Always inspect the sprockets when a new drive chain
is being installed.
The drive chain should be cleaned and lubricated fre-
quently to prolong chain and sprocket life. Use the fol-
lowing procedure to clean and lubricate the chain.
NOTE: This ATV is equipped with an O-ring type
roller chain. Each link incorporates small O-rings to
seal out water and dirt. Care should be taken to
choose cleaning solutions and lubricants that are
suitable for O-ring type chains.
1. Using a suitable, nonflammable cleaning solution,
thoroughly wash the chain and sprockets.
2. Allow the chain to dry; then apply a dry, graphite-
based lubricant to the chain.
NOTE: The drive chain should be lubricated with a
dry, graphite-based chain lubricant. By using a dry,
graphite-based chain lubricant, dirt build-up on the
drive chain will be minimized.
1. Loosen the four cap screws (1) at the rear of the axle
housing; then loosen the cap screw (2) on the front of
the brake caliper.
2. Install an appropriate pin through the axle hub and
rear sprocket.
3. With a person seated on the ATV, check chain ten-
sion at the mid-point of the chain.
NOTE: Chain "slack" should be within a range of
30-40 mm (1.2-1.6 in.).
4. Push the ATV forward to tighten chain tension; push
the ATV backward to loosen chain tension.
5. Tighten the four cap screws (1) to 29 ft-lb; then
tighten the cap screw (2) to 29 ft-lb.

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