Gas Burner; Lp Gas Regulator - Kenmore 122.161249 Use And Care Manual

Outdoor table top grill
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The Fuel System
Gas grills are used safely by millions of people when
following simple safety precautions.
The items in the fuel system are designed for
operation with this Kenmore grill. They must not be
replaced with any other brand. (See parts list for
replacement items.)
The gas burner is constructed of
tubular stainless steel and should not require
maintenance other than inspection for insects/nests
inside the air intake slots.
The burner
control is actually a regulator/valve assembly. On
the right side of the grill, the regulator attaches
directly to the end of the burner and also to a 1-
pound propane cylinder. Only an identical part
gas/valve regulator must be used. (See parts list for
replacement items.)
The gas pressure regulator provided with this
appliance must be used. This regulator is equipped
with the required orifice and is set for the required
outlet pressure for this appliance.
This combination
of orifice size and pressure regulation specifications
provides the cooking performance intended by
Kenmore Table Top Grill. Substitution of regulator
by any other device or any other manufacturer is
dangerous and could result in serious injury.
The gas pressure regulator is shipped loose and
must be installed prior to operating your grill. This is
a "slip-fit"~ requiring no tools. See assembly
instructions on page 7 for proper installation.
regulator may be removed from the grill after use.
Turn the regulator control knob to the "OFF" position;
disconnect the LP cylinder and allow the grill to cool
for at least 30 minutes prior to removing regulator.
Care should be taken to store the regulator in a
clean, secure location when the grill is not in use.
The threaded cylinder connection area should be
kept clean and free of dust, dirt, sand or any
foreign materials.
Clean both the regulator and
LP cylinder threaded areas prior to connecting
cylinder to regulator.
PROPANE FUEL: WARNING - propane is a
flammable gas. Improper handling may result in
an explosion and/or fire and serious accident or
injury. Your grill is designed to operate with
propane (LP) gas only and is equipped with the
proper orifice for propane gas.
Do not connect this grill with any
gas supply other than propane.
Propane gas is
heavier than air and settles in lower areas. Make
certain adequate ventilation is available when
using your grill. The gas cylinder may be stored
outside in a well-ventilated
area out of the reach
of children when the grill is not in use.
LP GAS CYLINDER: This grill is designed and
intended to be used with a disposable propane
cylinder with a nominal fuel weight of 1 lb. Such
a cylinder is approximately 4" in diameter and 7"
long. The Kenmore Table Top Grill does not
include an LP gas cylinder. This must be
purchased separately and be found at most
hardware stores. The cylinder used must be
constructed in accordance with the specifications
for LP cylinders of the U.S. Department of
Transportation (DOT) DOT-39 NRC232/290 MIIIO.



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