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Cleaning And Maintenance - Kenmore 122.16118 Use And Care Manual

Assembly instructions/use and care manual liquid propane gas grill
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning Burner Tubes and Burner Ports
To reduce the chance of "FLASH-BACK" the procedure
below should be followed at least once a month in late
summer or early fall when spiders are most active or
when your grill has not been used for a period of time.
1. Turn all burner valves and gas tank valve to off
2. Detach the LP gas regulator assembly from your gas
3. Remove cooking grids, flame tamers, and grease
tray from the grill.
4. Remove the screws from the underside of each
burner and lift the burners up and away from the gas
valve orifice.
5. Using a bent stiff wire in the shape of a hook , air
hose or a bottle brush, run it through the burner tube
and inside several times to remove any debris.
6. Replace burners, see illustration below.
Step 1. Locate the burner onto the orifice.
Step 2. Secure the main burner on the back wall of fire
box with 2 screws.
The location of the burner tube with respect to the
orifice is vital for safe operation. Check to ensure
the orifice is inside the burner tube before using
the gas grill. If the burner tube does not fit over the
valve orifice, lighting the burner may cause
explosion and/or fire.
Regardless of which burner cleaning procedure you
use, we recommend you also complete the following
steps to help prolong burner life.
1. Use a fiber pad or nylon brush to clean the entire
outer surface of each burner until free of food residue
and dirt.
2. Clean any clogged ports with a stiff wire, such as
an open paper clip.
3. Inspect each burner for damage (cracks or holes)
and if such damage is found, order and install a new
burner. After installation check to ensure that gas
valve orifices are correctly placed inside the ends of
the burner tubes.



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