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Before Calling For Service - Toshiba VN-M150HE Service Manual

Air to air heat exchanger concealed microcomputer control type
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Before Calling for Service

Check the points described below before asking for repair servicing.
Operation does not start after pressing
the button.
The unit runs though the operation lamp
does not turn on.
The unit starts running without any
operation of the remote controller.
• Is the circuit breaker turned off?
• Has a power failure occurred?
• Does the
indicator light up?
(The ventilation delay setting is set to "ON" and it is not malfunction. The Air to
Air Heat Exchanger will start running after the time set has passed. Consult your
dealer for details.)
Does the
indicator appear on the display?
The nighttime heat purge operation or 24-hour ventilation is set to "ON". See page
79 for how to use the functions. Consult your dealer to change the setting to
Has the unit just recovered from a power failure or have you just turned on the
circuit breaker?
(The settings concerning recovering from power failure are set to "ON". Consult
your dealer for details.

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Table of Contents

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