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Installation Instructions; Tools And Parts; Optional Pedestal; Location Requirements - Kenmore 110.9756 Use & Care Manual

Kenmore clothes dryer user manual
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Table of Contents
Gather the required tools and parts before starting installation.
Read and follow the instructions
provided with any tools listed
8" or 10" pipe wrench
8" or 10" adjustable
wrench (for gas
Flat-blade screwdriver
Adjustable wrench that
opens to 1" (2.54 cm) or
hex-head socket wrench
(for adjusting dryer feet)
v4" nut driver or socket
wrench (recommended)
Vent clamps
Pipe-joint compound
resistant to LP gas
Caulking gun and
(for installing
new exhaust vent)
Tape measure
Parts supplied
Remove parts package from dryer drum, Check that all parts
were included,
4 Leveling legs
NOTE: Do not use leveling legs if installing the dryer on a
Parts needed
Check local codes and with gas supplier. Check existing gas
supply, electrical supply and venting. Read "Electrical
"Gas Supply Requirements"
and "Venting
before purchasing parts.
For close-clearance
installations between 28,65" (72,77 cm)
and 34.15" (86.74 cm), see "Plan Vent System" section for
venting requirements.
Mobile home installations require special parts (listed following)
available for purchase from your local Sears store or Sears
Service Center. For further information, please call
® (1-800-469-4663).
Mobile Home Installation Kit. Ask for Part Number 346764.
Metal exhaust system hardware.
Are you placing the dryer on a pedestal? You can purchase a
pedestal separately for this dryer. This pedestal will add about
10" (25.4 cm) to the height of your unit for a total height of
46" (116.8 cm),
For a garage installation, you will need to place the dryer at least
18" (46 cm) above the floor.
Optional pedestal
The pedestal is available in:
White - Part Number 46822
To order, call your local Sears store. For further information,
please call 1-800-4-MY-HOME
® (1-800-469-4663).
Stack Kit
Are you planning to stack your Kenmore washer and dryer? To do
so, find the stack kit in the dryer drum. Follow instructions
included with the kit. See "Location Requirements,"
Explosion Hazard
Keep flammable
and vapors, such as
away from dryer.
Place dryer at least 18 inches (46 cm) above the floor
for a garage installation.
Failure to do so can result in death, explosion,
or fire.
You will need
A location that allows for proper exhaust installation. A gas
dryer must be exhausted to the outdoors, See "Venting
A grounded electrical outlet located within 2 ft (61 cm) of
either side of the dryer. See "Electrical Requirements."
A sturdy floor to support the total dryer weight of
127 Ibs (57.6 kg). The combined weight of a companion
appliance should also be considered.

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Table of Contents

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