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Washing Cell In A Tub Of Hot Water; Recommended Method - Kenmore 437.85264 Operator's Manual

Electrostatic air cleaner
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Washing Cell in a Tub of Hot Water; Recommended Method (See Fig. 3)
1. Fill a tub large enough to hold the entire cell with hot water (140 ° to
160°F.) and add detergent. Use a mild dishwashing liquid that is
non-chlorine and non-abrasive. Agitate the solution for proper mixture.
NOTE: Wear gloves to protect your hands.
2. Hold the bale handles on the cell and let it soak for about
10 minutes and then remove cell.
3. Now take cell and dip it in the solution several times to
remove any final particles of dirt.
4. Thoroughly rinse by placing the cell in a tub of clean hot water.
5. Remove the cell and place in a position to drain all the excess water.
A hand-held dryer may be used to speed dry cell after washing.
7. Carefully place cell back into the air cleaner and swing handles inward.
8. Follow instructions RE-INSTALLING CLEAN PRE-FILTER to complete
installation (See page 9).
9. Plug the Air Cleaner into a properly grounded 3-prong outlet.
10. Press Power On Button.
11. Press Check Button to reset it.
IMPORTANT: NEVER use any tool, brush or similar object to clean between
the collector plates in the cell. Doing this can damage the fine ionizing wires
or the collector plates. NEVER place the cell in an oven to dry.
Fig. 3

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Table of Contents

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