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Service Mode For Dsp Amplifier - Pioneer GS300 Service Manual

Audio system power amplifier for lexus gs300; lexus gs430
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7.3.3 Service Mode For DSP Amplifier

1. Outline
This specifications details operation according to our
suggestion for answering complaint about sound
quality in audio systems. It is based on an assump-
tion that a dealer or service person operate the prod-
uct to solve the problem.
2. Sound Quality Service Mode Function
Sound Quality Service mode has the following func-
1 Frequency characteristics adjustment : Specifies
two points (frequency/dB value) of equalizer (EQ)
to adjust frequency characteristics. Also adjusts
2 Level adjustment : Adjusts sound levels of the
front and rear speakers and woofer.
3. Activating Sound Quality Service Mode
Use the following steps to activate Sound Quality
Service mode.
1 Confirm that ACC is ON, then activate Dialogue
(Operate according to the method of activation of
diagnosis mode specified for the system.)
2 Press the [AM] button of H/U in the MENU screen
in Diagnosis mode .
The system enters Sound Quality mode. Then, the
system beeps one time and displays "AUDIO." You
cannot return to Dialogue mode by pressing a button
from Sound Quality Service mode.
4. Canceling Sound Quality Service mode
Setting ACC to OFF cancels Sound Quality Service
mode. After that, the system will maintain sound
quality set in Sound Quality Service mode.
Entering Dialogue mode
Canceling Dialogue mode
Flowchart of activation/cancellation of Sound Quality Service mode
Diagnosis mode
(Menu Screen)
Press [AM]
for five seconds.
Acc off
Additional processing
Sound Quality
Service mode

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