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Use minimum of 90 octane gaso-
line only to prevent severe en-
gine damage.
If engine "knocking" or "ping-
ing" occurs, use a different
brand of gasoline of a higher
octane rating. If this condition is
allowed to continue it can lead
to severe engine damage.
Gasoline quality is important.
Fuels of low quality or not meet-
ing standard industry specifi-
cations may result in unsatis-
factory performance. Operating
problems that result from the
use of poor quality or nonrecom-
mended fuel may not be covered
under your warranty.
Fuels Containing Oxygenates
Gasoline frequently contains oxy-
genates (alcohols and ethers) espe-
cially in areas of the U.S. and Canada
which are required to sell such refor-
mulated fuels as part of a strategy to
reduce exhaust emissions.
The types and volume of fuel oxy-
genates approved for use in unleaded
gasoline by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency include a broad
range of alcohols and ethers, but only
two components have seen any signif-
icant level of commercial use.
Gasoline/Alcohol Blends - Gasoline
containing up to 10% ethanol (alco-
hol produced from agricultural products
such as corn), also known as "gasohol"
is approved for use.


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