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Tools Recommended For Installation; Before You Start - KitchenAid 24" Above-the-Counter Microwave Oven Installation Instructions Manual

24" above-the-counter microwave oven
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Before you start...

Your safety and the safety of
others are very important.
We have provided many important
safety messages in this manual
and on your appliance. Always read
and obey all safety messages.
This is the safety alert
This symbol alerts you to
potential hazards that can kill or
hurt you and others.
All safety messages will follow the
safety alert symbol and either the
word "DANGER" or "WARNING."
These words mean:
You can be killed or seriously
injured if you don't immediately
follow instructions.
You can be killed or seriously
injured if you don't follow
All safety messages will tell you
what the potential hazard is, tell
you how to reduce the chance of
injury, and tell you what can
happen if the instructions are not
You need to:
observe all governing codes and
install microwave oven as
specified in these instructions or
as specified on wall and upper
cabinet templates.
have everything you need to
properly install microwave oven.
check the microwave oven for
damage. If any damage is
evident, do not operate the
microwave oven until it is
checked by an authorized service
place a portion of carton or other
heavy material between the
microwave oven and the floor or
countertop. Do not use a plastic
remove shipping materials and
parts from inside the microwave
oven. Locate templates and set
them aside to be used later.
make sure the microwave oven
will be mounted against and
supported by both a flat, vertical
wall and upper cabinet or other
horizontal structure.
support for weight of 110 pounds,
which includes microwave oven
and items placed in the oven and
upper cabinet.
make sure the microwave oven
mounting bracket will be
attached to a minimum of one,
vertical 2" x 4" wall stud.
make sure not to mount the
microwave oven to an island or
peninsula cabinet.
for installation:
Assemble the required tools and parts
before starting installation. Read and
follow the instructions provided with
any tools listed here.
• Phillips screwdriver
• electric drill
• 1/2", 5/8" and 3/32" drill bits
• 1-1/2" wood bit or metal hole
cutter (if metal cabinet is used)
• protective covering, such as a
blanket for microwave oven and
countertop (you may also use
carton for protection)
• scissors
• pencil
• measuring tape
• masking tape or similar
Parts included for
The installation hardware items
are in a small bag. The 2 spacer
plates are packed separately. All
items are in a small carton packed
below the oven.
• 6 - wood screws,
5 mm x 30 mm long
• 4 - toggle bolts with nuts,
#10-24 x 50 mm long
• 2 - top cabinet screws,
5 mm x 60 mm long
• 1 - power cord hanger
• 3 - tapping screws,
4 mm x 12 mm long
• 2 - flat washers, 30 mm diameter
• 1 - grommet
• 2 - spacer plates
The Utensil Bar Kit is packed in a
separate carton inside the
microwave oven carton. The first
three items are in a small bag.
• 4 - sleeves
• 4 - screws
• 8 - S-hooks
• 2 - accessory bars



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