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Commissioning - Andrews FASTflo WH42 Installation Manual, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Continuous flow wall hung balanced flue heaters for natural gas and lpg.
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NOTE: The appliance has been factory set and no adjustment is necessary.
• Preparation ... (1) Ensure all lines are purged / flushed of debris prior to connection to appliance.
(2) Open the shut off valve on the water supply, check that water passes through the
valve and close the valve.
(3) Open the gas supply valve, turn on the power supply, and turn on the Operation
switch on the remote controller (the Operation lamp turns on) .
(1) Open a hot water fixture and confirm that the "Burner On" lamp comes on, and that hot water is
being produced. (If necessary, repeat until the air in the gas piping is bled out).
* White smoke may be noticed from the exhaust pipe during cold weather. However, this is not a
malfunction of the unit.
* If an "11" error code appears on the remote controller, turn the unit off and then back on again,
and then open a hot water fixture again.
(2) Change the temperature setting on the remote controller and check that the water temperature changes.
(3) Check the secondary gas pressure.
The regulator on products is electronically controlled and pre-set in factory.
It does not require adjustment on installation under normal condition.
Perform the following procedure only if the unit is operating incorrectly and all other possible
causes have been eliminated.
1) Turn off the gas supply.
2) Turn off power supply.
3) Remove the front panel from the appliance.
4) Attached pressure gauge to gas pressure checking point. (Fig.1)
5) Turn on the gas supply
6) Turn on power supply
7) If remote controllers are fitted, turn the unit "ON" at the kitchen
controller; open a hot water tap fully.
Caution: Do not touch hot water outlet during this procedure.
8) Set the Max. and Min. gas flow rate by following the procedure
about "Manifold Gas Pressure Adjustment" on page 16.
9) Check the gas pressure at checking point.
Refer to "Specification" on page 3.
• If the water heater does not operate normally, refer to "Troubleshooting" in the Operation Manual.
* After the trial operation, clean the filter in the cold water inlet.
<If installed with a quick connect multi-system>
• Turn the system power on with the remote controller.
• Slowly open a hot water fixture and check that the units ignite sequentially. Check to see that the
hot water temperature is the same as the temperature displayed on the remote controller. (*1)
* If inlet water temperature is high, and both units do not ignite at the same time, switch which
unit will ignite first by pressing the Max. or Min. Manifold Pressure Set Button on the circuit
board and then confirm each unit can ignite. (*2)
Unit A Ignites
Unit B Doesn't Ignite
* If an 11 or F11 error code flashes on the remote controller, hit the Power Button on the remote
controller off and on 2-3 times.
* If (*1) and (*2) cannot be done, the Quick Connect Cord may not be properly connected.
Check that the cord is properly connected.
Handling after trial operation
• In Freezing areas: If the unit will not be used immediately, close off all gas and water shutoff
valves, drain all of the water out of the unit and the plumbing system to prevent the unit
and system from freezing, and bleed the gas out of the gas line.
Freezing is not covered by the warranty.
Press Max. or Min. Manifold
Pressure Set Button on Unit B
Page 20
The installer should test operate the unit, explain to
the customer how to use the unit, and give the owner
this manual before leaving the installation
Unit A Doesn't Ignite
Unit B Ignites
05.9.26, 7:41 PM


Table of Contents

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