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Choosing Installation Site - Andrews FASTflo WH42 Installation Manual, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Continuous flow wall hung balanced flue heaters for natural gas and lpg.
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Choosing Installation Site

* Locate the appliance in an area where leakage from the unit or connections will not result in damage
to the area adjacent to the appliance or to the lower floors of the structure. When such locations
cannot be avoided, it is recommended that a suitable drain pan, adequately drained, be installed
under the appliance. The pan must not restrict combustion air flow.
• The water heater is designed for internal installation only. Never
install it outdoors or in a bathroom, it may be damaged or a fire may
be caused.
• Consult with the customer concerning the location of installation.
• Avoid places where fires are common, such as those where petrol,
benzene and adhesives are handled, or places in which corrosive
gases (ammonia, chlorine, sulfur, ethylene compounds, acids) are
This may cause incomplete combustion or failures.
• Locate the flue terminal so that there are no obstacles around the
termination and so that exhaust can't accumulate. Do not enclose the
termination with corrugated metal or other materials.
• Install the water heater in an area that allows for the proper clear-
ances to combustible and noncombustible construction. Consult the
rating plate on the appliance for proper clearances.
• Do not install the water heater in a place where it may be threatened
by falling objects, such as under shelves.
• The water heater must be installed in a place where supply and
exhaust pipes can be installed as directed.
• Do not install the water heater where the exhaust will blow on outer
walls or material not resistant to heat. Also consider the surro-
unding trees and animals.
The heat and moisture from the water heater may cause discolo-
ration of walls and resinous materials, or corrosion of aluminum
• Avoid installation above gas ranges or stoves.
• Avoid installation between the kitchen fan and stove. If oily fumes or
a large amount of steam are present in the installation location, take
measures to prevent the fumes and steam from entering in the
• Avoid installation in places where dust or debris will accumulate.
Dust may block the air-supply opening, causing the performance of
the fan motor to drop and incomplete combustion to occur as a result.
• Install in a location where the exhaust gas flow will not be
affected by fans or range hoods.
• Take care that noise and exhaust gas will not affect neighbors.
• Avoid installation in places where special chemical agents (e.g., hair
spray or spray detergent) are used.
Ignition failures and malfunction may occur as a result.
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The appliance must be installed in a
suitably ventilated room, in accordance
with the regulatins in force.
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Table of Contents

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