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Auto Switch Off; Service And Customer Care - Kenwood ES630 series User Manual

Espresso machine
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auto switch off

The machine will switch off after 1 hour if not used. To activate or deactivate
the auto-off function press the
for 5 seconds when on/off (
indicator light (
) glows it indicates that the auto off function is activated,
however if the two cup indicator light (
To change the selection, press the
on/off button (
Before cleaning, unplug and let everything cool.
Never immerse the appliance in water.
Don't wash parts in the dishwasher.
tank, lid, filter holder
Wash, rinse and allow to dry.
filter (one and two cup version)
Wash and dry after every use.
After approximately every 100 uses dismantle and clean more thoroughly as
described below.
Remove the cap located on the underside of the filter by turning in the
direction indicated
. Remove the crema device by pushing up from the
. Separate the components of the crema device by pulling the
and removing the plastic disc and metal filter µ. Rinse
gasket to the side
parts thoroughly.
Clean the metal filter in hot water using a brush ¸. Make sure the holes in the
metal filter are not blocked. If necessary clean with a pin ¹. Dry the parts then
reassemble, making sure the parts are correctly assembled.
steam/hot water nozzle
Prior to cleaning allow some hot water to flow out of the nozzle (see 'to boil
water for other drinks') but unplug and allow to cool before proceeding.
Unscrew the nozzle by turning clockwise, then wash thoroughly. Check that
the three holes in the nozzle are not blocked
with a pin.
Clean the steam/hot water delivery tube. Make sure the end is not blocked.
Screw the nozzle back onto the delivery tube.
cup stand, drip tray
Empty the drip tray regularly. You'll know when it is full, the red float in the
middle of the drip tray will rise and become visible in the centre hole on the
cup stand.
1 Wash then dry.
liquid coffee outlet/boiler unit
Wipe away any coffee grounds from this area.
After having made 200 coffees carry out the following procedure:-
1 Using a screwdriver
, unscrew the screw that holds the outlet of the boiler in
2 Clean the boiler area with a damp cloth.
3 Clean the removed outlet thoroughly in hot soapy water using a brush. Rinse
thoroughly. Make sure the holes are not blocked, if necessary use a pin to
4 Reverse the above procedure to re fit to the outlet.
Failure to clean the boiler outlet and the filters as described invalidates the
and on/off (
) buttons at the same time
) button is in the off position. If the one cup
) glows the auto off function is
button . To confirm the setting press the
. If necessary unblock them
The coffee maker has a lime scale warning and after about 200 coffees, the
on/off indicator light will flash indicating that the appliance must be descaled.
To descale carry out the following procedure:-
1 Turn the appliance on by pressing the on/off button (
2 Deactivate the limescale warning by pressing the on/off button (
the appliance goes off (about 5 seconds). When the coffee maker goes off, the
warning has been deactivated.
3 We recommend purchasing a specific product for descaling espresso coffee
4 Make sure the filter holder is not attached and position a bowl under the liquid
coffee/boiler outlet.
5 Pour 1 litre water and 250ml descaler into the tank.
6 Switch on the coffee maker and wait for the on/off indicator light to glow
7 Press the 2 cup button (
operation at least five times.
8 Switch off the coffee maker and leave for 15 minutes.
9 Switch the coffee maker on and repeat steps 7 and 8.
10 Open the steam/hot water knob by turning anti clockwise and allow the liquid
in the tank to empty.
11 Remove the tank and wash well. Fill with clean water and replace in position.
12 Press the 2 cup button (
knob until the tank is completely empty.
Failure to descale the coffee maker invalidates the guarantee.

service and customer care

If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be replaced by Kenwood or
an authorised Kenwood repairer.
If you need help with:
using your espresso machine
servicing or repairs (in or out of guarantee)
call Kenwood Customer Care on 023 9239 2333. Have your model
number ready - it's on the underside of your espresso.
call 0870 2413653
other countries
Contact the shop where you bought your espresso.
guarantee (UK only)
If your espresso goes wrong within one year from the date you bought it, we
will repair or replace it free of charge provided:
you have not misused, neglected or damaged it;
it has not been modified (unless by Kenwood);
it is not second-hand;
it has not been used commercially;
you have not fitted a plug incorrectly; and
you supply your receipt to show when you bought it.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
) and allow the solution to flow out. Repeat this
) at least five times and open the steam/hot water
) again until

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