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Understanding Phone Screen Features - Cisco 7921G User Manual

Unified wireless ip phone 7921g guide for cisco unified communications manager 4.3, 5.1, 6.0 and later
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Table of Contents
10 Asterisk (*)
11 Keypad
12 One (1) key
13 Answer/Send
button (green)
14 Left softkey
15 Mute button
16 Volume button When the phone is idle, allows you to control the ring volume, turn on the
17 Applications

Understanding Phone Screen Features

Because the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G has only two softkeys, the Options softkey
displays the list of available feature options for the phone. The features in the Options list change
depending on whether the phone is idle or in an active call. This is what your main phone screen looks
like with the Options list open.
Toggles between Ring and Vibrate mode.
Allows you to enter these special characters when you are entering text:
* + - / = \ : ;
Allows you to dial numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items by number.
Enters "1" when dialing a number. Allows you to access the voice messaging
Allows you to enter these special characters when you are entering text:
! @ < > $ % ^ &
Allows you to answer a ringing call or, after dialing a number, to place the call.
Activates the softkey option displayed on the screen.
When set up by you, allows you to directly access your messages or open the
Phone Book when the phone is idle.
Toggles the mute feature on or off.
vibrate option, or turn off the ring.
When an incoming call is ringing, allows you to press this button once to silence
the ring for the call.
During a call, allows you to control the speaker volume for the handset,
headset, and speaker mode.
Used with XML applications, such as Push to Talk or directory services. For
more information, see
Using Push to Talk Service, page


Table of Contents

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